Four men charged for throwing eggs at 70 cars in New Jersey township

| New Jersey, US | 7 March 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Four charged in North Brunswick, a township in New Jersey, United States, for allegedly throwing eggs at more than 70 cars.

Four men nicknamed the “Mad eggers” were charged in North Brunswick, a township in New Jersey, United States, for allegedly throwing eggs at more than 70 cars in the Hidden Lake section of town.

Taranbir Singh, 18, of Carteret, and Hamza Ahmed, 20, also of Carteret, were arrested Thursday evening. Manraj Singh, 19, of Carteret, and Simranjit Singh, 21, of Sayreville, were arrested Friday afternoon.

All four were charged with numerous counts of criminal mischief and have since been released, reports News12 New Jersey.

Police say that they do not believe that the four men have any ties to North Brunswick other than randomly choosing to target cars in the town. Authorities believe there are more victims who have not reported the incidents to police, the report added.

Here are some of the comments that the news report invited:

Kaplan: I guess these 4 idiots didn’t think there was enough anti-immigrant feelings so they had to give more reason for racists to target Hindus, Muslims, etc. I hope their families are proud of them.

Basi: Just throwing eggs to the cars???…. come on police guys,,, kids were having fun….go arrest other bigger criminals…..leave these kids alone….

Kaplan: Mr. Basi, you’ve got to be kidding. What if one of those cars were moving and the driver lost control and ended up in an accident? Even if the cars were parked, an egg has the ability to damage the finish of the car if left to dry on it. Let’s stop giving a pass to behavior that is antisocial, stupid and illegal just because in YOUR opinion it’s “No big deal”.

Kang: I hope now system will make them pay the price…..and teach them lesson….


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