Global Sikh Council press release post 2018 AGM in Dubai

GSC is a common platform currently representing Sikhs from more than 20 countries, to deliberate and discuss multiple challenges facing Sikhs across the world.

Global Sikh Council (GSC) press release after its meeting in Dubai – Photo: Asia Samachar

The Global Sikh Council (GSC) held its 5th Annual General Meeting in Dubai on 16-18 March 2018. The President, Lady Kanwaljit Kaur, noting that the meeting recorded the largest ever attendance amongst delegates welcomed everyone commenting: ‘I am delighted with the large attendance, it is really heartening to see a record number of countries at our AGM. The GSC is getting bigger day by day as a result, of the enthusiasm and dedication of our members to further the undiluted teachings of our Gurus. l humbly pray for its success.‘

GSC is a common platform currently representing Sikhs from more than 20 countries, to deliberate and discuss multiple challenges facing Sikhs across the world.

The AGM was held over a three-day period. Day one and two were designated for in-depth discussions over urgent and pressing matters relating to the Panth in general and GSC in particular. The final day was reserved for Election of office bearers for the next term and matters relating.


On Friday, GSC members from various countries spoke eloquently about the work they are doing to try to resolve the critical issues facing them in their countries, and how GSC can support and guide them.

On Saturday, GSC members had the privilege to listen to renowned speakers. From India, Professor Jagmohan Singh Editor, ”The World Sikh News’ along with renowned Sikh Historian and writer S Ajmer Singh. Both gave informative accounts of the crisis of character confronting Sikh Leadership in all fronts. They gave their ideas of what projects GSC could follow to support and guide the Sikh Community, and urged upon the Sikh world to choose leaders With both knowledge and leadership skills able to lead the community and inspire Sikh youth.

Noted Sikh scholars, Dr DS Chahal, from Canada, and Dr Karminder Singh Dhiilon from Malaysia emphasised the importance of reasoning and logic in understanding the fundamentals of Sikhism. They focussed their presentations on the need for Sikhs to understand the fundamentals of Sikhi enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib. They rightly emphasised that rituals, superstitions and supposed supernatural occurrences all too easily lead us away from essential Sikh teachings. This was the direct consequence of Sikhs relying on sources other than the Guru Granth Sahib for their Sikhi understanding.

New Constitution

On Sunday, the new constitution for GSC, authored under the leadership of S Jagir Singh of Malaysia was discussed, debated and unanimously adopted by all 11 countries (22 members). The President thanked S Jagir Singh for agreeing at the AGM held in Malaysia in March 2017, to lead the task of drafting a new constitution consistent with the declared aims and objectives of the GSC. Lady Singh lDr Kanwaliit Kaur) said that ‘we are all greatly indebted to S Jagir Singh for his hard work, commitment and perseverance towards his endeavour. He fully consulted members in preparing a Constitution based on the ’Geneva Constitution for Global bodies.’ S Jagir Singh’s invaluable work was fully appreciated by all members.

After some discussion, the following motion was passed unanimously:

’We, the representatives from various countries organisations assembled here today after due deliberations do hereby approve the draft constitution, adapt, enact, give effect and deliver to ourselves this Constitution on the 18th day of March 2018 at Dubai, UAE.’

Discussions on New Membership Applications

Members accepted the applications of new members from Hong Kong and lreland. The members deferred the application from Bahrain pending further clarification from the organisation. A membership application from ASEEN nominating S Gulbarg Singh Bassi was rejected.

GSC members enthusiastically congratulated and thanked S Ramesh Singh Pakistan on tabling and securing passage of the Anand Kari Act in the Pakistan provincial Assembly. The members recognised the significance and importance of the passing of this Act.

Elections to the New Committee

As per the protocol, elections for the office bearers were held. Lady Singh (Dr Kanwaljit Kaur) tendered her resignation and requested all members to come forward for the services of the Khalsa Panth and choose people who will selflessly engage in promoting the teaching of the Guru Granth Sahib and the general guidance of the Rehat Maryada of 1945 published by SGPC. She urged all assembled to put their own egos aside and follow the classic example of those Sikhs who turned down the Nawabi offered by Zakaryia Khan in favour of Nawab Kapoor Singh.

Representatives of all member countries unanimously urged Lady Singh to continue serving as the President for the second term keeping in view her dedicated and selfless service for the Panthic cause. All office bearers and executive committee members were elected unanimously.

Office Bearers

President Lady Singh (Dr Kanwaljit Kaur 08E) U.K.

Deputy President Sardarni Jasbir Kaur USA

Secretary S Jagjit Singh Malaysia

Treasurer S Gulbarg Singh Batra Hongkong

 Committee Members

S Harsaran Singh India

S Jagir Singh Malaysia

S Balwant Singh Indonesia

S Gurdial Singh France

S Ranjit Singh Portugal

In her vote of thanks, the President urged all member countries and Sikhs around the work to unite under the umbrella of ’One Granth, One Panth’ to become a forceful and potent voice in promoting our Gurus’ teaching in the wider world.

[Signed by the President Lady Singh and Secretary Jagjit Singh]

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  1. Pray ALL Sikhs put aside their egoistic differences to unite using the concept of “agree to discuss in a brotherly manner any misconceptions rather than mud slinging”. Constructive criticism from all whether with degrees/titles or ordinary people from the lower bracket is always useful for the uplift of the society. Gurbani advocates humility is the essence of all virtues.
    Regards and all the best.

  2. Global Sikh counsil 5th meeting will be held in Dubai. May please send the address please. So that many people can reach there