Leadership role for two Sikhs at Malaysia’s Minority Rights Action Party

MIRA ropes in organic medicine practitioner Dr Dharamjit Singh Bains and movie production house director Harnarain Singh Gill

Dr Dharamjit Singh Bains (left) and Harnarain Singh Gill – Photo: Supplied

Minority Rights Action Party (MiRA), a party formerly known as NewGen Party striving to represents the minorities in Malaysia, has appointed two Sikhs to leadership positions.

Organic medicine practitioner Dr Dharamjit Singh Bains has been appointed as the party’s national vice president.

Movie production house director Harnarain Singh Gill was made its national supreme council member and vice chairman of Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur liaison committee.

MIRA deputy president S Gobi Krishnan said minorities were those classified as racial groups which are less than 10% of the population of a country.

“As such, MiRA Party represent all minorities in Malaysia which includes Indian Hindus, Indian Christians, Indian Muslims, Sikhs, Punjabis, Gujeratis, North Indian descendants, Portuguese, Baba Nyonya, Orang Asli, Orang Siams etc,” he said in an email to Asia Samachar.

MiRA describes itself as a strategic partner of Pakatan Harapan, the political coalition that scored a stunning victory in the May 2018 general election in Malaysia and went on to establish a new government with Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the prime minister.

In the statement, Dr Dharamjit is said to be a social activist and an educationist as well as a researcher and practitioner of organic medicine or better known as ayurvedic. He is currently a national council member of Malaysian Sikh Union (MSU).

On his part, Harnarain has served the local movies and entertainment industry in various capacities. He is the production director of movie production house Orange County Sdn Bhd which is currently producing an international Tamil movie Magendra.

The statement added that the party’s other office bearers include Raman Baskaran (an Indian Hindu) as national secretary general, Major Untai Anak Dana from Sarawak as  national vice president, Mohd Zulkifli Abdul Fattah (an Indian Muslim) as national youth chief, Sharmine She (a Chindian or Indian-Chinese mix) as national Puteri chief and Rev Dr Jasmine Thason (an Indian Christian) as national women’s chief.

“The above are just examples which will show clearly that MiRA Party welcomes all minorities to join the party and that all minorities groups are given due recognition in the party as the party practises inclusive politics,” said Gobi.



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  1. Facepalm…another Indian based party that won’t make any difference just like the other half dozen Indian based parties before them.You guys carry on with your parties and jostling for positions.I doubt the Sikh community needs any representation from these guys as we have all the proper avenues to deal with the Government and other groups already.Anyways,good luck.