Opposing group scuttles Nirvair Khalsa programme at London gurdwara

By Asia Samachar Team | UK |

Popular Sikh group Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK (NKJ) saw their programme at a London gurdwara on Saturday (8 Dec) scuttled when confronted by an opposing group.

Police had entered the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Hounslow to manage the situation.

The officers moved into the darbar sahib to control the situation that became rowdy just as the jatha was about to start their programme.

It is believed that the commotion boils down to the on-going running battles between groups supporting different interpretations of Gurbani, as witnessed at a number of earlier such incidences in a number of other countries.

The disruption is reminiscent of attempts to disrupt programmes by the hugely popular Punjab-based Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale.

In Malaysia, one such incident had occurred in Ipoh in March 2017 when a section of the congregation had disrupted a scheduled sermon by repeating loudly the ‘Waheguru’ chant. See here.

In one video of the Hounslow incident on Saturday, circulating on the social media, a section of the congregation could also be heard repeating the Waheguru chant while a speaker was speaking, ignoring his appeal for them to desist.

When the Harinder Singh-led NKJ group were about to take the stage, the situation became more disrupted, eventually leading to the police entering the darbar sahib.

NKJ UK had recently suspended their programme in the UK after an incident in Leeds.

However, the jatha which was well received in Malaysia in the past, had decided to continue their programmes.

On 5 Dec, the jatha had released the following statement:

“Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK will resume its Gurmat Parchar mission as of the coming weekend. The decision comes further to consultation with a number of Gurdwara management committees and the significant number of Sikhs in the UK who strongly support the work of the organisation.

“It can be noted that Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK had issued a statement on 17th November 2018, communicating a decision to postpone all UK Diwaans until further notice. That decision had come in light of disruptions caused at scheduled Diwaans in Leicester last month. Evidently, the disruptions were part of a larger arrangement that is unfortunately working to ban Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK from stages across the country.

“Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK would like to thank the numerous Sikhs who have been sending messages and uploading videos of support on social media, and those Gurdwara management committees who have not wavered in their support for Gurmat Parchar, but instead encouraged the organisation to continue its work.”

In that statement, it also stated that the Hounslow programme on Saturday would proceed.



Group disrupts Inder Singh Ghagaa programe in Ipoh (Asia Samachar, 1 March 2017)


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  1. It is indeed utterly shameful on our community to see such a inferior thoughts by some pseudo-collective charged people by order of some senseless chieftains who proliferate hatred and who oddly like to take charge of the so called religious rights into their hand and show wits and powers in this uncalled attitude of theirs in the Gurdwara darbar. It a mockery indeed.

    Parcharaks will come and go, if someone among us cannot go with their frequency, just avoid going to the darbar and ignore it. Its that simple. Not every one would agree with what a parcharak may want to say.

    There is always a better and a decent way to neutralize thoughts. The Sikh Diaspora seemingly has grown over many countries, but our methods of dealing is still very primitive. Today even if Guru Ji has to come down to be among us, he would surely be disappointed and this same group might come forward to stop him from speaking. (I would not say those we have today in this magnitude are Gurus…)

    History says it all, even during their times, there were people opposing them. I suppose when one grows becoming an icon, you would certainly displease some sectors too. Nobody is Perfect as Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale mentions.

    I suppose if one confine to speaking only about Guru’s message (Gurbani) without ading adjectives to it and taking examples of social norm practices, or social activities people indulge in, these parcharaks could safely conduct their message. The problem is if you listen to them (Nirvair and Dhadriawale), in the past videos, you would pick up them taunting on social joys and fun that people indulge. As a parcharak, you don’t need to touch those areas like what Gurdwara are for, the social set-up around their Gurdwaras, what are their individual practices.

    I have heard about them taunting about fashions, make-ups, offering of plates or blankets during any occasion, recent games, telephones, social dos and dont’s based on their ancestral followings. Stay put to GurVichar…Thats all and be very precise. One will not go into this kind of troubles.

    Good Luck to those who keep behaving like hooligans. You cannot make any changes with this attitude. You will insult us being laughed at. This by itself is a negative parcharak on our community.

  2. Another example that Sikhs do not need any outsiders to divide it as there may be several BHIBUSHANS within the Sanggat to ensure unity is never reached.
    Ram won the battle against Ravan because of the secrets about his own brother’s weak point which BHIBUSHAN told Ram.