Amrick Singh’s team make clean sweep of Subang gurdwara elections


By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

Amrick Singh, the long-standing chief of the Subang Sikh Association Subang (SSAS) until he resigned in December 2018, and his team made a clean sweep of a keenly contested elections today (4 May 2019).

Amrick and his team secured between 132 and 150 votes each from the 256 members who turned up to vote for SSAS management commitee which manages the one-year old Subang gurdwara.

The alternate team was led by Awtar Singh Gill, another SSAS veteran sewadar.

“Let us move forward together,” Amrick told the house immediately after the results were announced by Amar Singh, the retired Malaysia police commissioner.

“We are the servants of the community,” he added.

On his part, Amar said: “Be the cohesive voice rather than a divisive entity. Bind everyone together. The purpose of standing for elections is to do Guru Ji’s work.”

The top 13 elected members will decide among themselves their respective roles.

UPDATE: The lineup, as shared online by Autar Singh who chaired the meeting of the 13 elected SSAS exco members to define the committee roles: President – Amrick Singh, VP 1 – Amanjeet Singh, VP 2 – Bhajan Kaur, VP 3 – Darshan Kaur, Hon Sec – Ranthir Kaur, Asst Sec – Jasbir Kaur, Treasurer – Kulwant Kaur, Asst Treasurer – Tervander Singh; Committee Members: 1. Balvinder Singh 2. Harjinder Kaur 3. Jugindar Kaur 4. Preton Singh 5. Amarjit Singh



Subang gurdwara built for RM4.8m, no cost overrun (Asia Samachar, 21 April 2018)


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  1. WJKK, WJKF.

    I wish to congratulate Srdr Amrick Singh and his team on victory. I do however require some clarification as I have heard Chinese Whispers that this Gurudwara forbids the recitation of Sri Guru Gobind’s Bani. Could you please clarify this and whether the new committee wishes to reinstate the holy works of our tenth Guru at this Gurudwara.

  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    I read with much interest Sardar Gursharan Singh Ji’s comment on the need for Gurdwaras/Sikh NGOs to make public their accounts.
    I recall seeing accounts being displayed for all to view at some of the Gurdwaras notice boards and assumed this practice was being followed by all. However, if it is not the case, then it is only appropriate for such practise to be adopted soonest.
    In my humble opinion, rather than using Asia Samachar as an avenue, perhaps Malaysia Gurdwara Council, which all legally constituted Gurdwaras are a member, can take the lead in directing all Gurdwaras to make public their accounts in the name of transparency and accountability as highlighted.

    Guru Fateh

  3. This is just a Gurdwara, the way y’all are doing, is like y’all are running a country. Chill guys..

  4. Apart from the normal expectation of good and positive management that links and supports the needs of the local sangat, it mut b noted that many nefarious individuals and an organisation from abroad made negative and claims blemishing the victorious commitee, but standing upon the principal of one granth and one panth the victory remained with guru granth sahib, rejecting the blasphamous clsims of fake books.

    Shows the sangat is well informed and aware of the nefarious people out to cause disunity.

    Congrats sangatj i.

  5. “Let us move forward together” and “We are the servants of the community”.
    Sanggat especially those from Subang and neighboring areas, hopes and prays that these are not political statements which are recited every time by winners of elective positions but forgotten soon after by many and in most cases personal interests take precedence over common good of the Sanggat and community.
    The advise that the new elected officials should “Be the cohesive voice rather than a divisive entity. Bind everyone together. The purpose of standing for elections is to do Guru Ji’s work.” is a good reminder of what Sanggat and Community hopes and expects.
    Congratulations to those elected and hope the other team will now join the newly elected committee and not be opposition for sake of opposing.
    If they do not or cannot unite for common good then the losers will be the Sanggat and Sikhi.

    I have been calling for TRANSPARENCY in respect of FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT by emphasising the NEED TO MAKE PUBLIC the ACCOUNTS as this indicates ACCOUNTABILITY. Justifying rejection of making the Accounts public that it is only for registered members may not be acceptable as DONATIONS-CONTRIBUTIONS-CHARRAWAAS in whatever form are also from NON-MEMBERS who form the Sanggat.

    FAILURE TO DO SO NORMALLY GIVES RISE TO SUSPICIONS THAT THERE COULD BE POSSIBILITY OF MISMANAGEMENT-FRAUD-COLLUSION-EMBEZZLEMENT-NEPOTISM-CRONYISM OF FUNDS-ASSETS-PROCUREMENTS-ETC This comment is based on my past audit of Accounts of some Gurdwaras and comments by some who have audited some Gurdwaras Accounts and common talk and periodical reports in the media when there are conflicts during elections with the Police making their presence.

    was published in Asia Samachar some years ago. Similarly I have regularly given my views on the need for TRANSPARENCY-ACCOUNTABILITY for the USAGE of various GRANTS received from GOVERNMENT and/or Other Sources but sadly there has yet to be any positive response or follow up.]

    ASIA SAMACHAR website is the best possible avenue to make public the Accounts of Gurdwaras/Sikh NGOs
    Which Gurdwara Management Committee or Sikh NGO will take the lead and make public their Accounts for all the Sanggat to see in ASIA SAMACHAR]