Kuala Lumpur kirtan competition offers return tickets to India

Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Kampung Pandan will be organising the 6th National Kirtan Competition 2019 on 11 Aug 2019

By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

A Kuala Lumpur gurdwara kirtan competition is offering return air tickets to either Amritsar or New Delhi for one jatha (group) as a special prize.

Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Kampung Pandan will be organising the 6th National Kirtan Competition 2019 on 11 Aug 2019.

The competition will be divided into five categories from below 11 years old to the open category. There are cash prizes for the top three of each categories.






Rules & Regulations

  1. The Competition is open to all Malaysians, Singaporeans, resident Sikhs in the Asean countries, foreign Sikhs employed locally and foreign students enrolled in local universities, colleges and institutes of higher learning.
  2. Any one participant can take part in only ONE age-group or be a member of only ONE
  3. Any under-aged person may participate in a group ABOVE his/her age-group on condition that NOT MORE THAN ONE such person is allowed in any one group. Having participated in such a group, he/she will not be eligible to participate in his/her age group.
  4. Each jatha shall comprise not less than 3 and not more than 5 members, including the “Jodi” player. However the maximum number for Group E can be six (6).
  5. Age-groups. The competition shall be held in the following categories:-
1. Group A Below 11 years Born between 01.01.2008 and 31.12.2018
2. Group B 11 – 15 years Born between 01.01.2003 and 31.12.2018
3. Group C 16 – 20 years Born between 01.01.1998 and  31.12,2018
4. Group D Open Group No age limit.  Participants cannot take part in any other age group.
5. Group E Traditional  – No age limit. Participants cannot take part in any other age group.

Note: All participants in Groups (i) to (iii) above will be required to submit a copy of their Identity Card / International Passport, together with their application form.

  1. The time permitted for the kirten is as follows:-

Groups A, B & C: 10 minutes

Professional Group ‘D’ : 12 minutes

Traditional Group ‘E’: 12 minutes

The time-limit shall be strictly adhered to. 

  1. All jathas shall pay an entrance fee, as follows:

Groups ‘A’, ‘B’:  RM30

Groups ‘C’, ‘D’ & ‘E’: RM50

  1. Kirten will be strictly limited to hymns from GURBANI ONLY. Dharmak Geet will not be allowed.
  2. Each jatha shall make its own arrangements for musical instruments. Electronic instruments such as a keyboard may be used, provided it has no pre-set background beats and music.
  3. Each jatha shall make its own arrangements for transport and lodging. Transportation costs and accommodation expenses shall NOT be paid by the organisors of this competition.
  4. Food and refreshments will be served throughout the duration of the competition.
  5. The Challenge Trophies are perpetual trophies and cannot be won outright even if a particular jatha has won any trophy for three (3) consecutive years. However, a replica of the trophy MAY be awarded to a jatha which has won any trophy for three (3) consecutive years.
  6. The Challenge Trophies must be returned to the Organisors (WADDA GURDWARA SAHIB JALAN KAMPONG PANDAN, KUALA LUMPUR) immediately after they have been awarded. No trophy may be taken away by any jatha.
  7. Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:-
Group First Prize Second Prize Third Prize Best ‘Jodi’/ tabla player
‘A’ Rm  400 Rm  300 Rm  200 Rm  100
‘B’ Rm  400 Rm  300 Rm   200 Rm  100
‘C’ Rm  500 Rm  300 Rm   200 Rm   100
‘D’ Rm   500 Rm   300 Rm   200 Rm   100
‘E’ Rm   500 Rm   300 Rm   200


  1. In addition to the above Cash prizes, a special prize will be awarded.  One of the winning jathas from Groups A, B, C and D will be presented with return air tickets for the performing jatha and Team Leader. This will be done by drawing lots at the end of the programme. The Jatha may travel any time between September, 2019 and 30th. April, 2020 .
  2. The Organising Committee must be informed of the date the Jatha wishes to travel, before 31st. December, 2019.
  3. A special cash prize will be awarded to the jatha with the Best Overall Bana.
  4. Marks will be allotted for the following:-
  • Presentation / attire 10 %
  • Singing in tune / vocal 20 %
  • Impact of Shabad 15 %
  • Instrumentation 10 %
  • Accuracy of Gurbani 20 %
  • Rhythm / tempo 10 %
  • Tabla / drum 15 %               (Total 100 %)

Note:  A jatha may borrow a Jodi player from another jatha, but no marks will be allotted for section (vii) above.

  1. Group E (Traditional) participants may use Dholak, Chemtey, Shaeney, and Khadtal.
  2. The Organising Committee reserves the right to vary the above rules as and when it feels it is necessary to do so.
  3. The decision of the judges shall be final and cannot be challenged in any Court of Law.
  4. The closing date for all entries shall be 31st. July, 2019. Entries received after 31st. July 2019 may not be accepted. Any entry without the appropriate entry fee will not be entertained.


All participants must report at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Jalan Kampong Pandan, Kuala Lumpur BEFORE  8.00 a.m. for registration and a briefing by the Organisers.

All participants will have to produce their identity cards  OR certified true copy of their Birth Certificates OR (in case of locally employed foreigners) proof of employment locally OR (for foreign students) Student Visa, for verification of the participant’s date of birth and/or employment.

Master T. Balwant Singh

For  Organising Secretary

Contact: Mobile –   012-2516153

e-mail:  balwant@migs.edu.my


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