NZ club denies entry to turban-wearing Sikhs, yet again

Jagdip Singh Bajwa (middle) and Inderjit Singh on the Breakfast show – Photo: Video grab of the show
By Asia Samachar Team | NEW ZEALAND |

A New Zealand club has once again denied entry to a turban-wearing Sikh on the ground that it violated the club’s ban on headwear.

An effort to explain the difference between a turban and a hat fell on deaf ears as the doorman stood his ground and denied the Sikh entry into the club.

Similar incidents have been reported at Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club (MCC) in 2009 and 2015.

“I understand why you have the rules to control the dress, a turban is a formal part of every dress code,” Jagdip Singh Bajwa told TVNZ1’s Breakfast show on Monday (9 Dec 2019). “People are going to the Queen wearing a turban, Parliament… everywhere.”

Jagdip said the doorman agreed to make an exception if they could produce a medical certificate.

Jagdip and Inderjit went along with their fitness coach and other fitness club members for dinner at MCC. The coach and fellow fitness members, who are not Sikhs, decided to go elsewhere when they failed to convince the MCC doorman to allow Jagdip and Inderjit in.

In the 2009 incident, the Sikh man waw being honoured for his service to the elderly while the 2015 incident involved a lunch for local real estate agents.

Gurpreet Singh, who then worked at Ray White Papatoetoe, indicated that he was taking his complaint about religious discrimination to the Human Rights Commission.

In 2015, the club members voted to uphold the turban ban, according to media reports.



Sikh barred from NZ club over turban (Asia Samachar, 18 June 2015)


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  1. You are comparing apples with oranges Gursharan. What you mentioned doesnt lead to more injustices and violence on a national scale but racism does.This is the same people who enslaved us in the past and who tried to genocide a whole race in Germany. If you let racism pass get ready to be hit with worse atrocities.The Jews learned it the hard way and we even after 84 still don’t have the mental capacity to preserve ourselves against external threats.

    Gursharan, your defeatist mentality sickens me along with your self hating tendencies. It’s pathetic that whenever we as a quom tries to stand up against bullying by outsiders some self hating “Sikhs” turn around and attack their own to prove their loyalty and protect their “Masters” whether they be gorays or hindus.Terrible crab mentality afflicting our community.

    I this scenario there’s nothing inwards to look into.We are not at fault here,it’s the White racists that Gursharan is trying so hard to protect who are to blame. Please leave your thoughts on their contact section and don’t get bullied by these self hating “Sikhs” trying to guilt us into inaction.

  2. If I am not mistaken there are also some Gurdwaras in some countries/towns/localities whose ordinary memberships [with power to vote and hold positions in management committees] may be denied to all Sikhs [including women in some cases] for reasons which they may have in their constitutions.
    Let us look inwards before looking at how others treat Sikhs in whatever form.
    Gur Fateh

  3. The club can be contacted at
    Please do take the time to leave them a message.
    No need to curse or threaten as they will ignore the message.
    Write something comprehensive that shames them for their behavior and calls them out for their bigotry.

    In the wake of the Christchurch shooting where so many Muslims were gunned down in cold blood,this behavior by white New Zealanders is unacceptable and just shows that this racist bigotry is rooted deep within their minds.It looks like within every white New Zealander there is a Christchurch shooter waiting to attack.Sikhs there should arm themselves and make sure Gurudwaras and Sikh community centers are well guarded by Armed guards.