Help for Malaysians stranded in Punjab

Some Malaysian tourists stranded in Amritsar, Punjab – Photo: Videograb from Punjabi Live Tv 24
By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

Efforts are underway to bring back Malaysians still stranded in India, including those in New Delhi, Punjab and in southern cities like Chennai.

Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is in active discussion with the various authorities on both sides to secure landing rights to enable special flights to be sent to get the passengers out, as India has already suspended all international flights.

The efforts were further complicated when India yesterday imposed a total lockdown nationwide in its efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19, the novel coronavirus that is causing a global pandemic.

In Punjab, 157 Malaysian tourists have registered with a team mobilised by the political party and a Punjabi bureau organised by Yayasan Sikh Malaysia (YSM).

“That’s the number registered with us at this moment,” MIC treasurer general Amrit Kaur told Asia Samachar. She is also the founder of YSM.

She said unlike getting the passengers out from Chennai and Tiruchirappalli, where MIC had paid for a number of chartered aircrafts, the effort in Punjab will be more complicated.

“Those passengers were already at the airport. This group is scattered all over Punjab. So, when the time comes, we will also need permission from the local authorities to allow them to reach the airport,” she said.

Amrit Kaur added: “Let’s work with MIC and bring our people back.”

One batch of the Malaysians stranded in Amitsar were interviewed by a local television station. See here.

Malaysians stranded in Punjab who have yet to register themselves can call these numbers: Amrit Kaur +6014-331 1590, Amarjit Kaur Mann +6016-953 3543, Jasbir Kaur +6012-236 9907, Sonia Kaur +6016-278 2766


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  1. Where are all the Gurudwaras with tens of millions in funds?Too busy building expanding their empty buildings I assume.Why can’t they arrange something.Send these people some money if that’s what they need since it’s lockdown. What’s the point of feeding others and helping others when we cant even help our own Malaysian Sikhs?So many of our women are trapped there.This is worrying.If a donation appeal is required because of the uselessness of our Gurudwara committees, Asia Samachar should spear head something and lets all help raise funds for these people.