Guru Granth removed from Khalsa College ex-principal home – Report

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Members of Amritsar-based Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee took away bir (recension) from the residence of a retired college principal in Punjab, India as meat and eggs are cooked there.

The act has left Jaswant Singh Sandhu, a 78-year-old amritdhari (initiated) Sikh, dejected, reported The Times of India.

“Mein unhaan nun bentian ketian ke na lai ke jao, mein aapne guru bagair nahi reh sakda. Per uh nhin manne (I pleaded with them to not take it away as I cannot live without my Guru. But they did not heed). I recite gurbani from the bir daily and complete three to four readings in a year. Since last evening, I’ve been feeling so empty inside,” he was quoted as saying.

Sandhu taught at the Khalsa College, Garhdiwala, and was principal at Babbar Akali Memorial Khalsa College, Garhshankar, for 10 years before retiring in 2002. Both the colleges are run by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), the report added.

“I’ve had Parkash of Guru Granth Sahib in my house since 1976,” he added. “When the Satkar Committee members asked me iI consumed meat and eggs, I said I eat them only occasionally, mostly when my son comes from abroad. I also said that there was no bar on a Sikh from having meat or egg.”

In the same report, Satkar Committee head Balbir Singh Muchhal is said to have justified his act, saying nobody consuming meat or eggs can have bir at house.

When told that there was no such bar in the Akal Takht prescribed rehat maryada (code of conduct), he said that was just a draft and he did not consider it Panth-approved maryada. See full report here.

The so-called ‘satkar’ committee have been in the news on a couple of occasions for the wrong reasons, including roughing up individuals they believe have transgressed the Sikh code of conduct.


Granthi bashing: 15 Satkar Committee members booked (Asia Samachar, 25 April 2015)

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    Savinder Manjit Randhawa: I feel what action has been taken is wrong.There are a lot of wolves in sheep clothing walking around too.Leave whatever action if necessary to be taken in the hands of God. He is the best judge.Do not try and show authority in the wrong places.Just take care of yourself.Do not act like mafia gangs

    Ranjit Singh: Sikhism is being engulfed by Talibanlism. The religion which fought for freedom of worship is being terrorized by religious bigots.

    Ja Gin Der: I haven’t read the article but based on the revealing comments here I can guess that religious thugs are went out to enforce their version of what is the ‘correct’ way?

    Mel Walia: Meat and eggs… Give up la with these clowns

  2. Not the first time, and it won’t be the last. We will always have such scoundrels trying to push their version of truth. We must reject them. When we sit idle; they win.