India’s new agricultural law harms small farmers, says GSC

Punjab farmers protest agriculture bill
By Global Sikh Council | PRESS RELEASE |
  • Global Sikh Council condemns the new agricultural laws passed by the Indian Government that will seriously disadvantage small farmers.
  • Global Sikh Council fully supports the stand of farmer against these laws
  • Requests the SGPC, Akal Takhat and all other organisations to support the farmers

Global Sikh Council (GSC) condemns the laws passed by the Indian Parliament that will damage the financial standing of small farmers, while giving larger conglomerates the opportunity to rig the market to their advantage. Farmers even now are not getting a fair price for their farm produce.

Before this new legislation, the farmers could take the produce to fixed Mandis (markets) and sell at the price fixed by the government. New legislation such as The Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020 will mean that anyone can send any produce anywhere with no government fixed price. This will result in richer traders dictating the market price without any protection for small farmers.

The small and marginal farmers of Punjab will be the worst hit because 70% of their crop used to be sold with Minimum Support Price (MSP). With this abolition of MSP, the government of India has sounded a death knell for the already struggling farming community of Punjab.

GSC requests the Indian Government to repeal this ill-considered discriminatory legislation that seriously disadvantages small producers at the expense of richer traders. We also request all major institutions and organisations, such as SGPC, Akali Dal, Akal Takhat, to protest against this discriminatory legislation which could result in smallholders being driven into destitution.

Global Sikh Council (GSC) press release, dated 22 Sept 202), signed by its president Kanwaljit Kaur (Lady Singh) and Kanwaljit Kaur Harjeet Singh Grewal (chair of the council’s Sikh sport committee which has organised football games for Sikh young men who wear turbans, in full Sikhi saroop. They have also planned football for girls as well).



(Asia Samachar, xx Sept 2020)

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