Singapore gurdwara reduces cost to host programme

This are among measures taken by new in-coming Khalsa Dharmak Sabha committee led by lawyer Satwant Singh

By Asia Samachar Team | SINGAPORE |

Lawyer Satwant Singh will take over from General (Retd) Sarbjit Singh to lead the Khalsa Dharmak Sabha gurdwara committee for the next two years.

He was elected, along with other committee members, at the gurdwara’s meeting on Sunday (27 Sept).

In an immediate move, Satwant has announced that the new in-coming committee announced a waiver for certain charges.

“With immediate effect, we have done away with all payments to Giani, raagis and sewadars for langgar so that it will minimize your costs when having a programme. This means, you only pay the cost that is listed on the board.

“There is also no compulsory payment for funeral services, the jatha going to your home for prayers and other programs. However, if you wish to give them a token, you may continue doing so,” he said in a message shared on the gurdwara’s official Facebook page.

It added: “We will also be continuing the breakfast program, whereby the cost is $150. It consists of 200 buns and tea. We wish to encourage all to have your progams at Khalsa Dharmak Sabha without worrying about additional payments.”

It also announced that the early morning Nitnem prayers will commence at 5a.m. daily and the evening prayers will end at 7.30p.m with sukhasan will be at 8pm. All these will be telecast live.

“We will endeavour to serve the sanggat selflessly and with distinction and hope to justify our presence. As they say, “it takes a village to raise a child’. Similarly, it takes the sanggat to maintain a Gurdwara. We would like all to come to the Gurdwara and participate in all the activities and connect with Guruji,” he added.

He said the in-coming committee was ‘truly grateful to the previous team, headed by General (Retd) Sarbjit Singh for serving the sanggat selflessly for 4 years’.

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, KDS was one of the gurdwaras that provided free food to the people. At the later stage, it was provided in take-away packs at designated timing.

Khalsa Dharmak Sabha 2020-2022 committee:

President: Sardar Satwant Singh
Vice President: Sardar Bikram Singh
Hon. General Secretary: Sardar Dasant Singh
Hon. Assistant General Secretary: Sardarni Pregass Kaur
Hon. Second Assistant General Secretary: Sardar Gurcharan Singh
Hon. Treasurer: Sardar Janmeet Singh
Hon. Assistant Treasurer: Sardarni Steffijit Kaur
Hon. Second Assistant Treasurer: Sardar Gurshant Singh
Chairman Kitchen Services: Sardar Sarjit Singh Sardara Singh
Secretary Kitchen Services: Sardar Manjit Singh
Chairman Religious and Cultural Services: Sardar Tarandeep Singh
Secretary Religious and Cultural Services: Sardar Sukhvir Singh
Chairman Building and Facilities: Sardar Parmjit Singh
Secretary Building and Facilities: Sardar Darshan Singh
Chairman Young Wing: Sardarni Gurmit Kaur
Secretary Young Wing: Dr Hardeep Kaur
Secretary and Information Heritage: Sardarni Malkit Kaur
Committee Members: Sardari Dalip Singh, Sardarni Amrit Kaur, Sardar Soukdev Singh
Co-Opt Member: Sardar Amar Singh



Khalsa Dharmak Sabha provides take-away langgar (Asia Samachar, 28 March 2020)

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