#FarmersProtest Update: Farm unions set to strengthen agitation

Bone chilling nights: The minimum or night time temperature in New Delhi dropped to 4.1 degrees Celsius on Tuesday (Dec 15), the lowest during the season this year, and a good five degrees lower than the normal temperature for this time of the year. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted the mercury will fall further over the next three days, both during night and day – Photo: Amaan Singh Bali
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1. 20th will be marked as Remembrance Day for all the farmers who have given their life during this 20day struggle. All the farmers will be remembered at district level by protesting farmers. 11am-2pm will be dedicated to shaheeds of morcha.

2. All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) vice-president Inderjit Singh said that we will strengthen our agitation. We have already blocked Del-Jaipur highway and freed 150 toll plazas.

3. Unity of Punjab & Haryana irks centre because their entire politics is based on divide rule. They should come and see how BJP is treated in HR

4. Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) national secretary Yudhvir Singh said that we won’t let the sacrifice of farmers go in vain and they will be remembered in history as martyrs.

5. Government is trying to divide farmers by playing farmers against farmers. They bring their own MP’s & workers as farmers to give false impression.

6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not said a word about us, all he has managed to say is that we are misguided people. Do you think this is the way to resolve things? Union leader said that when we were at Jantar Mantar, PM was recording Mann ki Baat, there have been PM’s who walked to kisans.

7. Our demands are simple and we will had already sent them a demand charter since day one. If they still demand the reply on their rejected proposal we will send that.

8. Government is saying that they won’t take the law’s back and we maintain that until the laws are taken back we will not move an inch. They can use force if they want. We elected the wrong PM, he is servant not god. Bills are for us and we reject those.

9. The winter Parliament session is cancelled gives a clear indication of how rattled the government is at the moment.

10. Government calls us one thing or the other every new day, their agencies are free to investigate anything and they will go empty handed as well. Their tactics won’t work.

11. Their policemen might have had Covid-19 but no one on this side of the barricades has infection. All the people who died were not Covid+, we have post-mortem reports of all who died here.

Extracted from @amaanbali tweet at 9pm (Malaysia/Singapore), 7.30pm (India), 1pm London on Tuesday, 15 Dec 2020



In largest protest of free India, media playing state’s agent (Asia Samachar, 13 Dec 2020)


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