Towards a more loving, sharing and caring world in 2021

Gurnam Singh and Manjit Kaur who anchor a talk show at Akaal Channel
By Gurnam Singh and Manjit Kaur | OPINION |

Just a quick note to all our friends and viewers; we will be taking a break from Akaal Channel for the next two weeks, but we will return on 8th Jan 2021 with a brand new series of the 1 Show Live.

We have been presenting the 1 Show Live on Akaal Channel for the past seven years, but none has been more eventful that 2020. The last eight months, in particular, with COVID-19 and the Panjab/Indian kirsan (farmers) movement, has really pushed many to the edge, and sadly we have all lost friends and loved ones.

The actions of the Panjabi farmers in particular, as well as a great source of pride and hope, generates sadness and concern for those brave souls who are taking on the might of the Indian state in the coldest month of the year. Many have succumbed to the dangers and stresses of fighting such a difficult battle armed only with courage, humility, love, dignity and honour, but the spirit of those encamped on the borders of Delhi is truly inspiring.

Their bravery, in the face of the brutal Hinduva Corporate machine, is the stuff of legends. Any lurking doubts that perhaps the stories of bravery of our ancestors may have just been made up, have been dispelled during the momentous events of the past 4 weeks.

Seeing the convoy of Kirsans in their improvised tractors, trolleys and tarpaulins, facing up to the tear gas and water cannon, cutting through the barriers placed by the Government like a hot knife through butter, was indeed history in the making.

Like Bhai Ghanaiya, not only did they fight off the assaults by the security forces but, in an act of profound humility, served langar to the the very same people who were seeking to stop them! Along their way to Delhi, despite the misreporting and propaganda of the BJP godi media, these farmers have won the hearts and minds of millions of people in India and abroad.

Not only have they inspired other farmers across India to stand up against BJP government, they have managed to unify a badly divided Panth. Indeed, regional, religious and caste divides have melted away in such a manner that we have seen a call for the reunification of Panjab, which 50 years ago was divided into two states, Haryana and a smaller Panjab. We have no doubt Guru Nanak is the inspiration behind the unprecedented and historic events unfolding on the edge of Delhi.

As for our beloved Akaal Channel, over that past year it has gone from strength to strength and is beyond doubt the premier channel for the Sikh Panth in the world. During the kirsani morcha, our teams have been there on the front line from day one, both reporting and serving the people with relief and medicine.

We are so proud of our Akaal Channel family and the selfless sewa their and dedication in bringing both information, learning and comfort to so many people in these very difficult times.

Though we are now approaching a new year with new hopes, the truth is, the threat of COVID-19 is still very real, though with the vaccine we can hope that good times will return soon.

As for the farmers protest, there is no doubt, if measured by the love they have generated, they have already secured a historic victory. All that is need now is for the Government to do their bit and withdraw the three ordinances and work with the farmers to find a good solution. One can only hope and pray that sense will prevail.
Se we look to 2021 with much much hope that the pain and suffering experienced this year will act as a catalyst for the need to build a more loving, sharing and caring world.

May wahehuru bless you all.

“Wahehuru ji ka Khalsa
Wahehuru ji ki Fateh!”

[A new year message from our columnists Gurnam Singh and Manjit Kaur. Gurnam is an academic activist dedicated to human rights, liberty, equality, social and environmental justice. 

* This is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Asia Samachar.



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