Determined nurse, farmer at frontline of farmers’ protest

Gurpreet Gill – Photo: Shared by Gurpreet Wasi qt Facebook
Text and Photo by Gurpreet Wasi | INDIA |

Around 10pm when I was prepping to get back home from Ghazipur site, I stopped by to meet Gurpreet Gill, who had already gone in her tent. Oblivious of that fact I call for her name and she came out smiling thinking i needed some help. She is one of the two nurses who have come along with a team of physio therapists and other nursing staff from Ludhiana to treat farmers sitting at the protest site.

She has been here since 9th Dec. With zero amenities for women on site,things have been difficult for these two ladies, but with a big grin she says “jadon Mann ch soch hi leya ke sewa karni hai, tan kathinaiyan ki” (when we have decided to serve, then difficulties don’t matter) she told that they arrived at night on 9th and spent the entire night setting up a make shift medical facility and in morning got to work, slept after almost 48 hours. They nursed wounds that had gone real bad. Today she is at peace because those wounds have started to heal.

Now she and her friend have their own tents and are mentally at peace that they are contributing for the larger good. Wishing them a good good night sleep, i bid her bye to meet tomorrow. May we all find a way to heal wounds of others…

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“It’s going to be a month since I saw my children. We came prepared for a long fight, but does it matter to anyone. Hun nava saal wi ethhe hi chadhna sada” – Photo/Text by Gurpreet Wasi on her Facebook page, 30 Dec 2020

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