Two Sikh girls ‘rescued’ from Malaysian welfare home safe for now

The FMT report on 22 Jan 2021
By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

Two Sikh girls reported to have been ‘rescued’ from a welfare home in the state of Perak are safe and sound for now. They have been placed with a temporary family.

In a report today, Free Malaysia Today said a number of girls had been rescued from a welfare home in Ipoh after their plight came to the attention of a non-government organisation.

They included a pair of sisters, with Kaur surnames, aged 17 and 14, who told FMT of their traumatic experiences at the home.

“We have placed them [the two girls] with a family. The elder girl is now preparing for SPM,” Persatuan Harapan India Malaysia president M Manimaran told Asia Samachar. “They are from mixed parentage.”

SPM, which stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, is a national examination taken by all fifth-form secondary school students in Malaysia.

In the FMT report, which also quoted Manimaran, it said the sisters from Johor were sent to the children’s home as their parents could not afford to provide them a good education.

“My sister and I were threatened that if we did not obey (what the caretakers demanded), they would cut our hair short,” she was quoted in the report.

“They forced us to go to church and pray. If we refused, they would threaten to call our parents. There are times our parents did call but they could not speak to us because they were told we were busy studying or not around, when in fact we were there.”

The report added that Elvina actually had her hair cut short as punishment for refusing to listen to a caretaker’s demands.

UPDATE (11.05pm Malaysia Time, 22 Jan 2020): Asia Samachar has been informed that some members from the Sikh community are pursuing the matter. Let us provide the children space and privacy as they work out an appropriate solution for them.


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    Harwinder Kaur: Our community has means of caring for Sikh children in need, best not to go to other types of homes, ngo based or government. Not sure how to do such sewa, but will be nice if we can comb through such charity homes to get Sikh kids and place with willing and loving families, or gurpuri.

    Sunita Kaur Gill: May Waheguru provide them with the strength to put the past unpleasant experiences behind them and focus on their future. Hope they get the necessary professional counselling and support that they may need to move forward positively. Please do update if they need any financial support.

    Kalwant Bhatt: I been doing charity for this home for the past 2 years… this 2 new Punjabi girls r from Johor and upon speaking to both sisters I found out that they r there with their own will… I personally visit this home every month… it’s not true as it is reported… where is the evidence? Why did the parents in first place sent the girls to Christian home ?

    Dato Sheen Thakarwal: May waheguru bless them with lots of love and happiness.

    Ajit Red: The Authorities should take actions on such welfare home ill treatment to the orphans there.

  2. “(11.05pm Malaysia Time, 22 Jan 2020): Asia Samachar has been informed that some members from the Sikh community are pursuing the matter.”

    Hahaha,too little too late.What a joke.Where were these people all these years?Sikh girls forced to convert right under our noses and we were too blind to notice it.Why were they not sent to Gurpuri?
    While Punjabi Sikh girls these days would fight and scream at their parents if not allowed to cut their hair,these mixed parentage girls actually wanted to keep their kesh and were not allowed to do so.How low we have fallen.