Rihanna is right. We should be talking about #FarmersProtest, says broadcaster Mehdi Hasan

By Asia Samachar Team | UNITED STATES |

British-American political journalist and broadcaster Mehdi Hassan has just released a five-minute video entitled ‘Farmer Protests and India’s Descent into Authoritarianism.’ You must catch this.

“Rihanna is right. We should be talking about all these. So, let’s talk about it,” Hassan starts the show flashing pop star Rihanna’s short but impactful tweet which has certainly opened the eyes of so many around the world.

Hasan breaks down the protests happening over Indian Prime Minister Modi’s agriculture and farming policies, stating: “It’s the Indian government’s response that should concern us.”

He also discussed how Modi’s authoritarian was born out of the same climate that elevated President Donald Trump. Note the DNA between what is happening in India and what US has experienced under Trump.

Bollywood gets a mention, too.

“Unlike in the US where Hollywood stars were front snd centre in the hashtag resistance to Trump, in India, Bollywood stars have lined up behind Modi,” he said.

He singled out the ‘charming’ response from Kangana Ranaut, where the Bollywood actress had called Rihanna a dummy and labelled farmers as terrorists.

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Farmers get a moment to shine bright like diamonds, thanks to Rihanna (Asia Samachar, 4 Jan 2021)


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