Granthi dies from heart attack at Sikh wedding in Perak gurdwara

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By Asia Samachar | MALAYSIA |

A granthi died from a heart attack just before the start of a Sikh wedding in a gurdwara in Tanjung Rambutan in Perak, today.

A few trained medical professionals who happened to be at the wedding rushed to provide first aid to the man who was in his mid-50s. The Indian-born Phola Singh was pronounced dead by the emergency team that arrived later.

“The milni was over and some of us were upstairs in the darbar sahib. Giani Ji had just washed his hands and was about to take his seat at the tabiyya when he collapsed,” one witness told Asia Samachar.

Milni is the ceremony where the bridegroom side meets and greets the bride and his company. After the milni, most members from the groom side were having breakfast on the ground floor of the two-storey gurdwara building when the incident happened in the prayer hall called Darbar Sahib on the top floor. Tabiyya refers to the stage where the Guru Granth Sahib is placed in the prayer hall.

It is understood that the bridgroom, who is also a medical professional, had yet to arrive at the gurdwara at that time.

Phola had previously served as a granthi at the gurdwara in Tambun, a major town in the state of Perak.

“Just earlier this week, some local congregation members told me that the granthi had bought some new kurtas and cloths,” said another gurdwara member who had attended the wedding.

The anand karaj, as a Sikh wedding is called, proceeded after the incident.



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  1. …… My heartfelt condolences to the family of late Giani Ji , Giani Phola Singh ..
    May Waheguru Ji bless his soul and may his soul rest in peace 🙏🙏 ..

    My apologies for not mentioning this in my earlier comments..🙏

  2. Milni
    Milni is a ceremony where the bride’s side meets and welcome the bridegroom’s entourage .. The bridegroom goes to the bride’s place to get married so the bridegroom’s entourage is received by the bride’s family and followed by some traditional rituals ..
    Its not as mentioned in the article ..