Harinder breaks world record for highest standing jump with one leg

"Sticking to a super clean diet was tough. It was hard seeing my friends and family indulge but now I'm used to it and will continue this way for the next milestones."

Harinder Singh Sekhon
By Anandpreet Kaur | MALAYSIA |

This is an athlete of many talents. Harinder Singh Sekhon has just broken the world record for the highest standing jump (one leg) after soaring 138.4cm (54.5″) on June 1.

“To be honest the feeling hasn’t really sunk in yet. I do feel a sense of shock when I think about it and then do get a little emotional when I see it in black and white or the video. I had to put in a lot of work and sacrificed a lot to achieve this,” he told Asia Samachar in a text reply.

The feat was captured in the Guinness World Record.


In March, Harinder had set a Malaysian national record when he stood jumped 55 inches (140 cm), beating the previous national record of 50 inches (127 cm). The standing high jump is performed in the same way as high jump, with the difference being that the athlete has no run-up and must stand still and jump with both feet together. Click here for the Tweet.

But that is still way off the world record. In February 2021, 25-year old personal trainer Chris Spell broke the highest standing jump world record at with a 67 inches high jump.

Asked what was the most difficult part in achieving this feat, Harinder said that he had to remain mentally and physically tough throughout the four to five month period.

What made it tough was that he had to juggle training with his day job as a Mathematics teacher as well as fitting in cricket training every odd day, too.

“Sticking to a super clean diet was tough. It was hard seeing my friends and family indulge but now I’m used to it and will continue this way for the next milestones.

“Keeping the self-belief and straying away from quitting is something I’ve always lived by for myself,” he said.

What’s next? Harinder intends to take his fitness a level higher.

“I still want to represent Malaysia in cricket and will continue to work hard for it. In terms of jumping, my next step is to break the national standing long jump record sometime in July or August. The highest standing jump (with both legs) world record is also on my mind in the distant future,” he said.

In September 2017, Harinder was selected to don the national Malaysian jersey for the Indoor Cricket World Cup 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The then 26 year-old player made his maiden debut for the Malaysian senior team in November 2016 for the Stan Nagaiah Trophy.

Harinder Singh Sekhon setting Malaysia’s national record for standing jump

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Harinder dons Malaysian jersey at Indoor Cricket World Cup (Asia Samachar, 20 Sept 2017)


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