Kiran Kaur Sidhu: Striking work-life balance


Accounting and finance graduate Kiran Kaur Sidhu is thrilled with to flexible and remote working, though she do at times miss the opportunity to huddle with colleagues to negotiate tough corners.

“Work-life balance to me is mainly about feeling good about how my time is spent as a whole – this could mean more time spent on work some days and balancing that with downtime on other days,” she tells Balance the Grind, a work-life balance publication built on conversations, ideas and community.

The former treasurer assistant manager and writer is now a growth manager at TruTrip, a platform combining travel technology with South East Asia’s travel ecosystem into a travel management solution for businesses of all sizes.

She moved to the travel solutions provider in May 2021 after a three-year stint as a writer at technology portal Digital News Asia (DNA). Her current role involves content management, SEO, PR outreach and lead generation.

In the interview, she was asked how does her current role allow for flexible or remote working and how does that fit into her life and routine.

“Yes, in fact, this is my second full-time remote work role. 7 years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined a flexible working arrangement like this one. It has been life-changing for me – I no longer dread long daily office commutes and I’m more driven than ever to give my best at work.

“However, having worked remotely for some time now, I also see the benefits of being in the same room with colleagues. t’s just easier to check in with each other and huddle around the same computer screen to problem-solve. I think the best arrangement is somewhere in the middle combining work from anywhere with timely team meetups,” she said.

Asked about he rtypica day, she said: “I start my day with a shower, and then some news and social media to find out what’s new in the world. Every Monday, I typically set out a sheet with all the tasks I aim to complete for the week with a catch-all section for new ideas too. As the week progresses, I use this sheet to stay on top of my work and prioritise as needed.”

Read the full story, ‘Balancing the Grind with Kiran Sidhu, Growth Manager at TruTrip’ (13 Jan 2022, Balance The Grind), here.


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