Work literally stays at work, says first officer Hazelinder Kaur


By Hazelinder Kaur | Malaysia |

The interest sparked from a very young age as I used to travel frequently to and from Australia. Through my travels, I fell in love with planes. It feels majestic and magical, seeing how the whole airplane lifts off to the air. Seeing the crew back then, everything felt so glamorous. ​

As I grew older, I read up a lot on planes and how the profession itself was rewarding. Now I get to travel to new places while getting paid on the job! ​

My aunt was a Malaysia Airlines cabin crew and hearing her stories and experiences, made me want to pursue this career. Piloting comes with a slightly better pay as compared to the average Malaysian and the pay was also one of my driving factors. I wanted to start earning from a very young age and this job was able to provide me with that. ​

I love how it is not a typical 9-5 desk job. Work literally stays at work. There is no such a thing as taking work back home. I love how I get to fly with different colleagues every time and that the view I get is simply remarkable.​

I had the support from my immediate family but there were also a lot of scepticism from friends and relatives as this was a male dominated field. That just made me want to prove to them that I am capable of it.​

I’ve never had any other profession or career in mind to pursue at all. I was very sure and made it clear that I knew exactly what I wanted for my life. Just one goal and I guess the law of attraction works!​

Here I am today, very grateful for what I have. I am happy with the path that I’ve chosen and I love what I do for a living.”​

Hazelinder Kaur is a first officer pilot at the Malaysian Airlines. The article is adapted from an entry at the airline’s Facebook page.


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