Sikh team makes comeback to Malaysia junior hockey league

Balraj Singh will be playing for KLSSRC in Malaysia’s Junior Hockey League (JHL) 2022

By Asia Samachar | Malaysia |

There will be a Sikh team in the Malaysia Junior Hockey League (JHL), after a long time. The KL Sikh Sports Recreational Club (KLSSRC) will have the first taste of the competition when they meet KLSS-CS tomorrow (July 16).

The team will be put put through the wringer as only two of their players have seen action previously in the JHL with other clubs.

But their coaches, former Malaysian national players Baljit Singh Charun and Inspector Kevinder Singh, are hopeful.

“The idea is to provide a platform and exposure for the Sikhs to showcase and build their talent in the field of hockey,” Kevinder told Asia Samachar. “Let’s hope a few of them will break into the national team.”

The team is open to players from all faiths and races. Presently, they have four non-Punjabi players in their ranks as they showcase their talent in their first outing together.

“We hope to supporters will show up to boost the confidence of the young players,” he said.

The league, running from July 13 to Aug 28, will be played over two rounds, comprising 29 boys’ and 15 girls’ teams. KLSSRC is in Group B under division two of the boy’ league.

KLSSRC was established in 2019 by few sports enthusiast with the objective to encourage and promote sports among Sikhs residing in Kuala Lumpur.

It costs between RM50,000 to RM60,000 to run a team for the entire league, said a team sponsor. Well-wishers who wish to support the club financially can contact KLSSRC president Davinder Singh 010 2209449.

KLSSRC fixtures: KLSS-CS (July 16 at Pantai Stadium), D’Touch (July 20 at Pantai Stadium), PHNS Seniors (July 23 at Seremban 2), DBKL HT (July 27 at Pantai Stadium), Franciscan Hockey Club (July 30 at Bukit Seridit, Malacca), SSN Seri Kota Predator (Aug 3 at Bukit Seridit, Malacca), PPHT Thunderbots (Aug 6 at Pantai Stadium), TBSS / PHNS (Aug 10 at Seremban 2) and Malacca High School (Aug 13 at Pantai Stadium).

Players: 1. Sarjit Singh (Gk) 2. Harjeevan Singh 3. Balraj Singh 4. Muhammad Hafizuddin B Abd Jalil, 5. Harroshan Singh, 6. Gobind Singh Khalsa, 7. Amanraj Singh, 8. Amandeep Singh, 9. Angad Singh Khalsa, 10. Harsuraj Singh,11. Jasraj Singh, 12. Jaideep Ryan Singh, 13. Nischal Singh, 14. Gurvinderjit Singh, 15. Rajit Singh (Gk), 16. Muhammad Sufyan B Mohd Nadzrir, 17. Danish Iqhwan B Roslizam , 18. Harjot Singh Gill,19. Ishvinderjit Singh, 20. Megat Zamzaqeer Darwisy, 21. Prabhdev Singh Sidhu, 22. Tushar Singh Rakhra


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