Flying Sikh Karamjit Singh wins Malaysian National Rally Championship

The Flying Sikh returned to the racetrack with his long-time partner, Jagdev Singh and they won after almost four years off the track


By Sounder Rajen, | Malaysia |

Over the weekend, it was reported by The Star that the dynamic duo of Karamjit Singh and Jagdev Singh would return to the world of rally racing after almost four years due to the global pandemic.

Being a former World Production Car Rally Champion and a veteran, many were eager to see just how well this duo would perform, and despite the extended time off the track, the duo of Karamjit Singh and Jagdev Singh gave us an edge-of-your-seat experience throughout.

Then last night (Aug 1) it was announced that Karamjit Singh, A.K.A the Flying Sikh, had won the title with his partner, Jagdev Singh. The best part is, they did it in a turbocharged Proton Gen-2.

No one was happier than Karamjit Singh himself when he first heard he was going to be able to compete in the Malaysian National Rally Championship again as it had been almost four years since he last raced.

Moreover, the rally was set in Maran, Pahang this year and Karamjit Singh was excited to show us all why he earned the name “Flying Sikh” again.

Karamjit also said “Maran is the first round and there are three more on the schedule.” The other three events will take place on 3 to 4 September, 29 to 30 October and 26 to 27 November and venues are yet to be announced.

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Flying Sikh wins final Malaysian rally race (Asia Samachar, 17 Dec 2017)

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