1984 Genocide: Human rights lawyer Phoolka’s pursuit of justice in Indian courts – An Interview

SikhRi’s Harinder Singh talks to human right lawyer Harinder Singh Phoolka on the 1984 genocide

By Asia Samachar | 1984 |

“This genocide was planned by Mrs Gandhi in her lifetime. It was not spontaneous but pre-planned.”

Strong words coming from human right lawyer Harinder Singh Phoolka who has been ‘living and breathing’ the plight of the #1984 genocide victims.

In a discussion with Harinder Singh from SikhRi, Phoolka talks about how ‘justice has not been done’ when it comes to the 1984 carnage victims. See here.

Halfway through the interview (go to 31:45), he tells listeners what was your source of inspiration.

Phoolka was a young lawyer, based in Delhi, when the 1984 genocide took place. Then I’m his late 20s, he had about three years of lawyering experience under his belt. He was one year into his marriage to a university lecturer who was teaching in Ludhiana.

Even his house was attacked by the mobs. At that point, as a family, they were making plans to go back to Panjab. On Nov 20, 1984, they came to Delhi to pick up their luggage. But what he witnessed moved him to stay, and provide what little legal service he could provide to the victims.

That decision cracked open a life-time of service for the victims.

This is a must-listen interview. Click here.


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