Samy Vellu secures funding for YPS

Putrajaya, Malaysia | 2 June 2015Asia Samachar 
Samy Vellu (second from right) handling the documents to PM Najib at the PMO in Putrajaya today. Dr Denison is on the left.
Samy Vellu (second from right) handling the documents to PM Najib at the PMO in Putrajaya today. Dr Denison is on the left.

A community foundation led by S Samy Vellu, a former Indian community supremo in Malaysia and a former federal government minister, seems to have cornered Federal funding for projects to uplift the community.

“The prime minister has asked us to embark on a pilot project first in one of the 38 districts. We will commence work immediately,” said Samy, who chairs the  Social Rehabilitation Foundation (YPS),  in a statement quoted by Bernama.

Samy today led a team to submit recommendations for the socio-economic upliftment of Malaysian Indians made at a national symposium on the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) to Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The funding for the projects will most likely come from the  RM100 million allocated by the Malaysian government for Indian NGOs and and skills training institutes to uplift Indians in the low-income bracket.

The report, though, did not make mention the funding amount for the foundation.

Samy, who is Malaysia’s Special Envoy for Infrastructure to India and South Asia, said the prime minister had agreed to allocate an initial grant for a coalition of NGOs led by YPS to run Community Transformation Centres (CTC) in 38 districts in nine states where there are a majority of Indians, the Bernama report said.

He said several parties would be brought in to assist in running of the CTCs including the Special Implementation Task Force of the Indian Community (SITF), the Secretariat for Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED) and the Tamil School Development Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department.

A number of representatives from Sikh organisations had taken part in one of the forums orgnaised by YPS forum earlier. [See report here].


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