Muslim praying in gurdwara while Sikh sermon going on


This video clip is an award winning clip. It captures a Muslim man saying his prayer or namaz in a Malaysian Sikh gurdwara in Ipoh.

The man, seated at one side of Gurdwara Sahib Bercham, stood silently to say his prayer.

At that moment, Sikh preacher Amar Singh was delivering his sermon. Nobody disturbed the Muslim man who continued his prayer uninterrupted.

”Yes, this is at Bercham,” the gurdwara secretary Arjan Singh told Asia Samachar. “This was yesterday, but I wasn’t there personally.” He could not identify the Muslim man.



What a Muslim learnt last night from Singaporean Sikh (Asia Samachar, 13 June 2016)

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  1. No,you were saying non-Sikhs can marry Sikhs in Anand Karaj and you don’t care about any other law than your own wish.I brought you proof.You still can’t accept it.You said I was ‘wrong’ and making up stories.Now how?Who’s the one simply blasting?
    Still waiting for your Kirtan video.

  2. So you said that anything against Sikh religion you are against it right. Then what the gurudwaras are doing in Malaysian by carrying forward with the anand karaj without coverting the person to the Sikh faith is wrong. So does that mean you are against that certain Gurudwara. Just asking

  3. That is what i am saying … even the gurudwaras never follow the rules …. what do you expect the sangat. Ask the gurudwaras to follow the rules accordingly if you believe that only Sikhs can do anand karaj. And you and I know that wont happen anytime soon in Malaysia.

  4. What rubbish are you talking about ‘Malaysian’ law?Please show me this ‘law’ you are talking about.In a Gurudwara Only Sikh Rehat Maryada should be followed.
    I bring evidence and you still oppose it.As I already mentioned many posts,no point debating anything with an apostate like you who lives by his own man made rules.YOU should accept Sikhi wholeheartedly and stop finding every excuse to rebel and go against it based on your feelings.

  5. No I can’t support what is clearly against the Sikh religion.Whats next?You don’t need to keep the 5K’s because majority of men shave today?
    Yes we need to quote everything and follow the laws of our religion and not follow our feelings,liberal ideologies or our own Manmat.
    Do you admit you lied?You said I am wrong about Anand Karaj.I brought proof according to the Sikh Religious Laws and gave you a link by a top Malaysian Parcharak Dr.Karminder Singh.
    It is very clear that anyone who wishes to marry a Sikh should convert to the faith.
    What happens in Gurudwaras is a compromise to keep everyone happy.I already said I don’t blame them.
    But to accept it as Sikhi Allowing it then it would be wrong and misleading.

  6. I live in Malaysia. So the rules I follow are Malaysian rules regardless the government law or the gurudwara. Gurudwaras are letting these marriages being done and I support then and so does may other Malaysians. Why cant you? You dont need to quote anyone … open your eyes and see

  7. Read this la carefully.I don’t know what is the quality of Uniten students but looking at Gavendjet it doesn’t look very impressive as their students are prone to making up stories and own laws.
    (xviii) The maryada for the second anand karaj is the same as the first.
    (xix) In normal circumstances, a Sikh should not be polygamous.
    (xx) An amritdhari Sikh should have his life partner partake the amrit as well.
    (xxi) Persons professing faiths other than the Sikh faith cannot be joined in wedlock by the Anand Karaj ceremony
    By Karminder Singh Dhillon, Ph.D.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Gavendjet I have exposed another lie of yours.Your attempts to redefine Sikhi and mislead Sikhs to fit your own skewed agenda would not go unopposed you liar.

  8. And another thing … you are wrong …. not only sikh can marry another sikh in anand karaj ceremony …. either you are blind or choose to be …. my aunty was a Brahmin but she married in a gurudwara and my cousin married a chinese in a gurudwara aswell and both these occasions were done with anand karaj ceremony so fool get your story and your facts right…. dont just blast it out …. 😘

  9. Excuse me Sandhu Singh….. i have been keeping quiet for so long ….. why the hell i want to use an alias to comment and debate to you. I not afraid of anyone. So be more careful who you assume comments in the future. This is not a warning just a reminder. So quietly mind your own business and if you anything to say to me … you have very good detective skills right find me ….. 😘

  10. Gavendjet don’t try to be a white knight here.The woman already has a man.You got no chance here.
    Post under your real name.Your typing style betrays you Gavendjet.
    And don’t harp on emotions,argue with me using accepted religious laws and maryada.I am 100% right here.Only a Sikh can get married to another Sikh in an Anand Karaj ceremony.
    I hope Asia Samachar Editor allows this comment as I should be able to state my views when attacked by someone using a fake username.
    Gavendjet is a self hating person.Others can bang us how much they want,no problem.When we try to stand up and call out the hypocrisy and arrogance of others then Gavendjet comes to Their rescue and betrays his own.What else to expect from a person who has no problem with his children converting out of the faith.

  11. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu, your name depicts divinity but you are full of venom and judgemental, you sound more like a cyber bully, a poor reflection of your character indeed. Sikhi does not condemn but guides us to lead a balanced life of Kirt Kamai and wand ke shakna. Please stop abusing this lady and all ends well.

    Note to the editor : Please do not allow anymore posting on this subject matter. Tq

  12. Dipika it is also very obvious why you forcefully assert yourself and your faith in the Gurudwara.You intend to familiarize the people with you.You do seva for 9 hours and I assume you brag it to everyone since you did here so it is visible to people.When the time comes for marriage you will insist on having an Anand Karaj ceremony there knowing your stubborn and arrogant nature.Instead of respecting Sikh religious laws and traditions you will justify it with saying it’s Gods house and anyone can get married in it.If anyone questions,you will bark in their face that you did 9 hours seva and have every right to an Anand Karaj ceremony.By being passive aggressive you wish to bully everyone using our religion.I am very confident that is the case here since you have such strong opinions regarding a a Religion that you don’t even profess!

    I hope that Toronto Gurudwara committee can grow a spine and stand up against your bullying and shaming tactics and NEVER allow a non-Sikh to perform Anand Karaj in their Gurudwara.If you insist on an Anand Karaj ceremony,you should consider embracing Sikhi humbly and come under the Guru’s grace by taking Amrit.Convince your future spouse to accept Amrit too and believe me,your married life would bountiful.
    Thank you,
    God bless you.
    Sadhu Singh

  13. Dipika as I understand you plan to marry a Sikh but you yourself have no intention to accept Sikhi am I right?Just as how you love your “religion” we love ours too.I don’t think we should apologize if we want to have a place exclusive for US where we can practice our religion freely just like how the “Christians” can practice freely in their “churches”.I don’t think we should be burdened to cater to everyones wish or feelings.
    Mind you,you chose to come to the Gurudwara and nobody forced you to come.The most natural thing to do is to follow whatever is practiced there.If it “offends” anyone they are free to leave,no problem.
    We should not compromise on our believes to keep others happy,especially those who do not share our faith,no matter how much sewa they do,it still does not give them any right to dictate to us on how to run our Gurudwaras.We too don’t tell them how to run their “churches” or comment about any of their pedophile “priest” scandals and neither do we go online and whine and sanctimoniously try to lecture them.

    Regarding your “cross’ it of course will be viewed as you trying to proselytize in our place of worship because of the track record of “christians” worldwide actively proselytizing and converting Sikhs.Before judging us maybe you should try this same stunt in a Jewish Synagogue or Muslim Mosque first.I want to see how that goes for you.You only target us since we are more accepting than them and still you complain instead of trying to adapt.Again may I remind you,it is YOU who came to the Gurudwara and not the other way around.
    Bragging about how much “sewa” you do isn’t going to change that facts of the situation.Just for your info,in Sikhi it is advised to keep quiet and not brag about what sewa you did as that would make the act insincere and would just make you a hypocrite(pakhandi).

    Now regarding this Muslim man praying in the Gurudwara,in case you are ignorant about Malaysian law and culture,it is ILLEGAL for a Muslim to worship at a non Muslims place of worship.Non-Muslims too cant worship in a Muslims place of worship as previously a small mosque was demolished by the religious authorities because a group of Buddhists meditated in it.It is also illegal to proselytize or convert a Muslim in this country.Our fear is that this act may invite backlash or accusations of proselytizing be the authorities and various Islamic groups in this country.Again we do not know what is this mans intention to pray in a Gurudwara but it is best that he does it in a mosque,and there are numerous mosques around.Whatever his intentions were,we do not want anyone trying to proselytize or subvert our religion in any way.We cant be too altruistic as to let hostile elements take advantage of our kindness and acceptance for all.A line has to be drawn somewhere.We don’t stop anyone from partaking in langgar or hearing Keertan but performing religious practices of other faiths is unacceptable in OUR Gurudwara.

  14. Hello, Sat shri akal ji,

    You are 100% right.

    My point was just saying, everyone is welcome but should follow the rituals of where they are at that time.

    Please dont get me wrong.

    As a Christian. Sindhi girl. I had my problems too. With wearing my cross. However, that almost stopped me from going back. Then i thought, why should i ? I follow Guru ji’s respect i follow the Gurudwara respect. I do a lot a sewadar. I help the raagis, baba ji’s and everyone in the kitchen. So why should i stop coming to Gods house just because i wear a cross.

    Now everyone wishes more christians would do as much as me..

    That Muslim gentleman, should respect the Gurudwara. Im not saying “no believe me!”
    All i meant was everyone should be “welcoming”

    Thank you,
    Waheguru ji khalsa, waheguru ji fateh and satnam waheguru ji🙏😘

  15. Dear Dipika, Sat Shri Akaal
    Your missive noted with grace. The bone of contention here is that he walked in during a religious session in progress and started his Muslim prayer, the norm was to seek permission from the management committee and a quiet area would had been allotted. How would a Christian congregation in a church react if Gajender Singh and his assistant started doing kirtan during full mass holy communion and singing ” hum ghar sajaan ahyeh sache Mel milaye ” , respect begets respect, Sikhs should not be negativily portrayed for protecting the sanctity of their place of worship, it is a private place for Sikhs, other faith believers are welcome but they must follow guidelines to prevent an unpleasant experience.

  16. Hello everyone,

    Sat shri akal,

    My name is Dipika. I live in toronto. I am a sindi/ christian girl. I spend about 9 hrs in the gurudwara doing sewdar. I think atleast, from what i see… The people dont treat the youngs ones nicely, that’s why, its becoming less and less for people doing sewa. I think the youngsters want to do it. However, being yelled at for volunteer work makes them feel unmotivated to do it.

    Second, isnt it in “sikhi” that all religions are welcome? We have muslims, hindus and of course myself as a christian who go to the “Gurudwara”

    At first i had people tell me take off my cross. my reply, was ” why should i take off something, i believe in? Thats like asking someone to take off their kirpan. Not only is it disrespectful to the person but its also, disrespecting God”? I go the prayer room i say, my prayers, i bow my head infront of Baba ji, now people love me in that Gurudwara..because they realized..she hasnt come here to preach her religion or ask anyone to get baptized to her faith.. She has here to learn others and accept other peoples religions too.. Not only is she christian but she also, soends hours doing sewa.

    Now ill be marrying a sikh guy. I have no problems if my “future children are baptized into sikhi” i think its a lovely, religion. But i think everyone should be acceoted in the gurudwara. In “Sikhi” i was taught their are 4 doors. So what, if he prayed.. He wasnt harming anyone or creating a scene.. God is God no matter what “religion” we should all accept eachother.

    Thank you,
    God bless all of you.


  17. Allow me to share a ‘Trespassing’ incident that took place in a Gurdwara in Sydney, a Hindu lady walked in uninvited, knowing the langgar area was wet, walked in, slipped and refused to wake up, requested for an ambulance, rushed to hospital, created pain drama, stayed on holiday at hospital and than went home, contacted a lawyer friend, hatched a plan to sue the Gurdwara for negligence and won AUD250,000/- , paid her mortgage and went on holiday. A Sikh will not sue his Guru Dr Ghar, a non believer will . Gurdwaras must put up sign boards with clear words “THIS GURDWARA IS A PRIVATE PROPERTY, NON SIKHS MUST ABIDE BY THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE GURDWARA, THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE OF THIS GURDWARA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT WITHIN THE GURDWARA PREMIS .

    A legal eagle can advise better. There are plenty of opportunitist like Gavendjet, these aloof bigots will never accept reality, too much time wasted trying to reason with a deadwood.

  18. Gavendjet what are we doing here if not discussing?What started here should carry on here.Why hide anything from the sangat?
    And tell me,what is there to ‘debate’ with you?There is nothing about Sikhi to debate with someone who calls Sikhs barbarians and Sikhi as ‘screwed up’.You are even willing to allow your future children to convert so tell me what is there about Sikhi I can ‘debate’ with you?
    Again look at all my comments here that you did not even address.You are just spewing out SJW political statements accusing me of being hateful and backwards but there is nothing about Sikhi that you have addressed.You even mock Sikh maryada and expect us to kowtow to everyone while they walk all over our head.What would happen if you walk into a masjid and start doing naam simran and kirtan?Would they ‘respect’ you?Please address this.
    I did not find any social media of yours as I myself have never used Facebook.I just came across whatever results a simple Google search provides.Again I reiterate that there is nothing to ‘debate’ with you.You hurled accusations on this portal and I’m just answering you back.Don’t worry I don’t bite too.You can say whatever you want here.The accusations you hurled here were not only towards me but other posters as well and they should have an option to view or partake in the discussions.
    My position is very clear,Sikh Gurdwaras should only be used by Sikhs for Sikh religious practice and related activities.We do not know the intention of people coming to pray in our Gurdwaras.If they ‘respect’ us so much they would matha thek and do Japji Sahib there instead but they come to practice their religion,not ours.After all the persecution by Muslims and Hindus, the desecration of our holy Gurdwaras,all the murders and rapes even up till recently where Sikhs in India still face discrimination and communal violence just for being Sikhs,It’s time we think of ourselves and our Panth first before others.In times of need everyone groups together along racial and religious lines.It’s a fact no matter how hard anyone tries to whitewash it.If we are not united then at times of need we would suffer enormously.

  19. Sandhu Singh …. Sandhu Singh ….. i would really like to continue debating on this topic with you as our point of view conflict with each other. Why not you text me on whatever social media you found my profile on , i am guessing Facebook. As it not only us discussing this issue here. I will wait as maybe you might be busy by attending occasions and such . Dont worry i wont bite. i will explain all my statements there as it is a much better platform for me to reach out to you. The ball is in your court.

  20. “Don’t be a coward,be brave”? Well since you mentioned bravery, when are you going to a masjid to do kirtan and post the video for us?A simple google search doesn’t amount to stalking.You put that information online yourself hence you assent to it being viewed by others.
    “If not they wont be a difference between you (Sikhs) and barbarians”.Don’t lie.In your first comment you were equating Sikhs to barbarians if they disagree with your views that non-Sikhs have the right to worship in our Darbar Sahib.
    Because of people like me young people don’t get involved in Gurdwaras you say.And please tell how does my comments online affect young peoples Gurdwara attandance?I don’t get your logic,because there is condemnation that non-Sikhs shouldn’t be allowed to pray in Gurdwara, Sikh youths will stop going to Gurdwara?How did you come to that conclusion?Did you go interview the thousands of Sikh youth all over Malaysia?I believe you are only talking for yourself.Don’t blame others for your lack of faith.And what do Sikh youngsters Gurdwara attandance have got to do with the topic at hand currently being discussed?You are all over the place,please stick to the topic being discussed.
    “i would gladly do so if i know my own religion is screwed up”.It’s not the religion that is screwed up Gavendjet,it’s so called followers like you that are screwed up.No proper Gursikh will ever call their religion screwed up.Before labeling the religion as screwed up,why don’t we look at you.You yourself are not following Sikhi completely yet you have the audacity to come here and lecture us on how to run Gurdwaras?
    So in conclusion you call Sikhs barbarians and Sikhi screwed up if they don’t agree with your ‘fatwa’ here that we should let non-Sikhs pray in our Gurdwaras.You are the problem Gavendjet.It’s people like you the downfall of our panth and no one else.It’s you who is screwed up and not Sikhi.
    Good day…I will be waiting too for your kirtan video.Please go and pay your ‘respects’ and film it.

  21. Sandhu Singh …. hahaha nice going on stalking me on social media and thanks for increasing the views on my travelogue (how was it by the way) just tell me how did i shame sikhs, sikhism and whatever else. its because of people like you and remember i said people not sikhs hahaahah the younger generation dont get to involved in the gurudwaras activity or anything organised by the gurudwaras and this i can personally say and vouch for as it has happen to me. And about giving either of my future childrens hand in marriage to a person in another religion …. i would gladly do so if i know my own religion is screwed up . By the way … dont be a coward and stalk me online ….. Sikhs suppose to be brave right … where ever you found me on social media drop a message there …. haahahah maybe we can have a good debate there hahahha…. by the way thanks for watching my travelogue …. Good Day… I will be waiting.

  22. Sewak, hahaha you are spot on. I had a good laugh imagining Gavendjet and Pritpal doing kirtan with waja and tabla at Masjid Negara on friday afternoon. Hahahahaha. Maybe these two bleeding hearts should go try it out and report back to us how it went. Hahahahaha. Gavendjet only knows how to emotionally blackmail and shame us accusing us of ‘hate’ while his thoughts and actions scream hatred and disrespect for Sikhi,our Gurudwaras and our Gurus who gave their lives and the lives of their children so we could keep our distinct identity and not mix. Think about all this sacrifices before starting your drama here Gavendjet. You should stick to making amateur travelogues to Bentong on youtube.

  23. Ianhami please don’t apologise brother. It is not your fault or the fault of other Muslims. You don’t have to bear the burden of the foolishness of a one individual. As a Muslim can you please enlighten us on your views regarding this incident? It is true that it is an offence for Muslims to worship at Temples of non-Muslims right?

    Pritpal anyone can have langgar at our Gurudwaras no problem as long as their heads are covered and they behave appropriately. But to pray in the Darbar Sahib should be out of the question. Not to mention it is illegal for Muslims to do so and this could provoke a reaction from the Islamic authorities and the Muslim community.
    Now we don’t want to be accused of converting Muslims now do we? Think about it. It is in the best interest of our Kaum and our Gurudwaras that we keep praying in Gurudwaras for Sikhs only. With the current volatile political situation in Malaysia anything is possible and we should not allow these negative forces bring any ‘musibat’ to us and our community.

  24. Gavendjet instead of attacking others and mocking them to build their own Gurudwaras, maybe you should do that. Build your own ‘Gurudwara’ , allow Muslims to pray there daily. You can be the Granthi and your family can manage that ‘Gurudwara’. I want to see how long it takes before Jabatan Agama Islam drags you to court. If you are unlucky you might just disappear like Pastor Koh and others. I encourage you to put your money where your mouth is. I look forward to reading an article on you in the papers. It is an offence for Muslims to perform prayers or get involved in the religious institutions of non Muslims. I still remember the case where a group of Buddhists meditated in Surau in Johor. Consequently the surau was demolished. If others protect the sanctity of their places of worship so staunchly, why can’t we?

  25. Gavendjet you should stick to making low budget travelogues and not comment on events you obviously know nothing about. Maybe studying at Uniten with other races has brought you far away from Sikhi and our Kaum. No I don’t have any personal experience. So can I ask you if a Muslim wants to marry your daughter or sister would you willingly out of ‘respect’ give her hand in marriage? Just curious about your views on this. You should stop pretending to be a social justice warrior and try to shame and gaslight our own people into accepting something thats toxic to them and the wellbeing of the Kaum. In our daily lives we are very tolerant and mix and work with everyone but there needs to be a line we shouldn’t cross and this is it.

  26. Ianhami,
    Sikhs are generally very accommodating but non believers must show respect and follow our Sikh Code of conduct. If a request to pray by other faith believers is made, normally the Management committee of the Gurdwara will do the needful after due diligence . Same goes for other places of worship. How would Muslims react if people like Gavendjet and Pritpal walk into a masjid while namaz is being said and start doing Naam Simran , will the Muslims be as accommodating. No offence intended, respect begets respect. Gurfateh

  27. On behalf of this man and fellow Muslims, would like to apologise for causing uneasiness or disrespectfulness to
    the Sikh community.

  28. Let him pray or anyone else in Our Gurdwara s. We have 4 doors and have opened our hearts to all. Encourage all to share the joy of being in a Gurdwara and ou langar

  29. Sandhu Singh … on what basis u say that they enter gurudwara for the girls and free food.. any proof … any personal experiance maybe your daughter or son? So provide proof not allegations …. dont blame religion blame the people for making the choices . More over about the slaugtering cows in grounds …. hahahah thats a good one …. punjabis nowadays also eating beef … whats your take on that …

  30. Its sad that your mind is so natrow minded … by seeing everything on a negative side . If you say that if we allow other religions in the the gurudwara because they want free food and punjabi girls … thats dissapointing. Why point fingers on others… the girls itself should have brain before running away. Do u have any experiance of your daughter or son running away with other religionists. Broaden your mind please … spread peace not hate

  31. There are so many mosques and Suraus in Bercham, what’s his game plan, mock n fool us perhaps , need a serious relook and take the necessary steps to avoid a repeat in any gurdwara. Gurdwaras need to put out sign boards ” TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED”

  32. 1. Gurdwara is a private property, no trespassers allowed
    2. What was his motive
    3. Katha / parchaar is going on, he walks into darbar, did bow to show respect to Guru Granth Sahib , starts his drama and bends over in front of sitted sangat
    4. Was he testing the waters / our tolerance and his mocking of our faith
    5. The norm was for him to seek permission from management to carry out his prayers, a separate room could had been arranged.
    6. This will be a dangerous precedence set if not monitored
    7. Whats award winning of this video
    8. Sikhs are made to be accommodating for others.
    9. Gurdwara management must investigate who is this intruder

  33. Great logic Gavendjet Singh. Today 1 Muslim comes and ‘respects’ the Gurudwara. Tomorrow 50 Muslims will come and start paying their ‘respects’. Then when they start eloping and running away with Sikh girls, why cry then? It’s so obvious that this is why they come,free food and girls. Thousand of Masjids around, why read namaz in a Sikh Gurudwara? Why stop at namaz only, why not start allowing them to slaughter cows on temple premise? Gavendjet Singh according to your ‘logic’ of allowing Muslims to pray in the Gurudwara, why don’t we also ‘respect’ Hindus by installing Murthi’s in the Darbar Sahib? Lets install Buddha statues too so we can respect Buddhists at our place of worship. In the end what would we be left with? We would no longer have an exclusive place of worship because of the ‘logic’ of great saints like Gavendjet Singh. Don’t twist the Guru’s words. The Guru’s said respect others but never said let other religions worship in our Gurudwaras. We respect others outside in our daily life but our places of worship should belong exclusively to us Sikhs only. We already allow other religion members to come in and have langgar with no problem as long as their head is covered. But reading namaz in the Darbar Sahib is too much. Not to mention in Malaysia it is illegal for Muslims to worship/take part in non-muslim places of worship. With people like the poisonous treacherous mindset like Gavendjet Singh, we don’t need any enemies, our worst enemies are already in our panth. You have no right to attack any other Sikhs opinion on here Gavendjet.

  34. ……. The Gurdwara committee must investigate the happening .. The man concerned must be interviewed regarding his actions ……. the committee has every right to do so .. The investigation must be done as soon as possible before the matter cools down ..
    The result of the investigation should be sent to Asia Samachar for publication so that all can be aware of what actually happened ..
    All Sikhs are naturally concerned about what happens in our Gurdwaras ..

  35. What meryada you want Hardeep Singh …. learn to respect other religion before condeming them. If not they wont be a difference between you (Sikhs) and barbarians. He respected the gurudwara by covering his head and wore proper attire before entering the darbar. Broaden your mind cause even the Guru did not say no for other religion to enter the gurudwara then who are you to say so.

  36. Question here arise? What was the motive of this Muslim man? Did he not respect the Sikh prayers time and it’s kirtan and not Ardas? It could be an insult? Or a Fakir soul came into this young man in a “spirit form” and acted out a Muslim prayers. Also that if the Secretary of the Gurdwara could not identify him, why was he not questioned? This man has his head covered with cloth not a songkok meaning that he came into a Gurdwara willingly and conciously. Again Muslims will always face Kiblat? Was his direction towards Mecca?

    I personally feel that this was an act to betray, insult and mislead.

  37. Should stop all this … there places they can pray … n this is just a spark to get more coming into Gurdwara to do their namaz…n mind u more muslims will follow if this is not stop from now n it’ll be a mockery of our Gurdwara … we don’t need to go about pleasing others in our Gurdwara wer we have our own meryada n Sikh way if life ….