Hong Kong entrepreneur throws largest Indian wedding in Thailand

Entrepreneur Kishore Samtani hosts 1,300 guests for Phuket destination wedding for son Kunal Samtani and Divya Vaswani

The wedding of Kunal Samtani to Divya Vaswani was the largest wedding ever held in Thailand with five days of festivities in Phuket – Photo: Best Photo and Cinema

Hong Kong entrepreneurs Kishore Samtani and Kumar Vaswani hosted a reception banquet and five-day destination wedding celebration for more than 1,300 guests at their children’s wedding at a resort in Phuket last week.

The wedding of Kunal Samtani to Divya Vaswani was billed the largest wedding ever held in Thailand with five days of festivities at the resort from Nov 28, reports Phuket News.

Kishore and wife Mala Samtani had jointly organised the event together with Divya’s parents, businessman Kumar and Priya Vaswani.

“It took almost a year to plan,” Sally Mangharam from Bangkok-based Mantra Events, which collaborated with Indonesia-based Innaz Communique, told Asia Samachar.

A 3,200-square-metre air-conditioned marquee, Thailand’s largest, was built for the wedding celebrations.

The wedding entourage occupied the entire resort of 615 rooms, villas, all function space and F&B outlets. Guests at the wedding reception were entertained by a number of world-class performances by international artistes, Akon, Jason Derulo, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan, according to the Phuket News report.

The resort served guests more than 25,000 meals, 12,000 coconuts, over 1,500 bottles of premium liquor and champagne throughout the five-day celebrations, the report said.

In April 2017, Kishore was the promoter for Da-Bangg, a HK$15 million song and dance extravaganza with Bollywood megastar Salman Khan as one of the main draw.

More than 36,000 Indians live in Hong Kong, the fourth largest ethnic group, according to official statistics.


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  1. Agree with Gursharan.Instead of big weddings why not invest that money into a new house or a mutual fund for the couple?People concentrate too much on the wedding and don’t invest enough into the Marriage!
    the goal here is a successful Marriage for life,unfortunately movies and tv series have corrupted our minds especially the minds of young women who trying to out do each other by having fantasy bollywood dream weddings.
    At the end it ends with divorce at 18 to 36 months tops.Stuffing people with food,booze and half naked women dancing doesn’t help the couple one bit.
    Anyways end of the day it’s their money and it’s up to them how to spend it.Who are we to judge.
    And Gursharan no point blaming the father or parents for this extravagant wedding.I doubt he had much say in it.These days it’s the children that make demands and expect their parents to fulfill their wants.

  2. Can the Hong Kong Indian beat India’s richest daughter who weds in lavish US$100M celebration. She is the only daughter of India’s richest man, ties the knot on Wednesday (Dec 12) after days of lavish celebrations that included a Beyonce concert at a lakeside palace. Ms Isha Ambani, whose father is tycoon Mukesh Ambani, was set to wed Mr Anand Piramal, son of Indian billionaire industrialist Ajay Piramal, in the Ambanis’ 27-storey home in Mumbai.
    Indians are not the only one who have lavish weddings and parties [some of which] funded by rich parents that can feed entire villages. Some of them include:
    Russian oligarch’s daughter – £7.7 million (S$13.8 mil) wedding
    Swarovski heiress – S$1.2 mil on wedding dress alone
    igerian oil billionaire’s son​ – £5 million​ (S$8.9mil) wedding
    Indian mining tycoon’s daughter – £59​ million (S$105 mil) wedding
    Armenian billionaire’s son – more than US$2 million (S$2.7mil) wedding.
    Again SORRY NOT ABLE TO CONGRATULATE THE PARENTS OF THE COUPLES OR THOSE WHO ATTENDED THE FESTIVITIES as many would have laughed at the waste and thus their blessings may not have been genuine but PR statements but many ordinary needy citizens may have just cursed them.
    Similar extravagance may also happen locally and other cities though not on the same scale.
    I have attended dinners in halls where the rental of the hall could be estimated to be in excess of RM30K/S$30K and the total cost of the several ceremonies may have been in excess of RM100K or S$100K.
    A HOLY UNION OF TWO INDIVIDUALS/FAMILIES APPEAR TO HAVE BECOME PUBLIC SPECTACLE AND WASTE OF FUNDS WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN USED TO HELP THE NEEDY AND GET THEIR BLESSINGS. Could lack of blessings or curses of the poor be among the reasons for high divorce rates especially among the well to do and rich regardless of race or religion?
    Gur Fateh

  3. Rich Overseas Indians appear to be more in the news for their extravgance rather than for having done any good by helping the needy be it for education or medical or accommodation needs of poor. The celebrations would have cost several millions of HK$ which many msy not even appreciate as most may not have been able to eat or drink or dance due to age or other health reasons. Sorry not able to congratulate the father but best wishes to the bride and groom.
    I remember reading one case some years ago where a rich South Indian provided houses in a town in S.India for 1500 poor Indians with money he had set aside for the wedding of his daughter and had a simple marriage celebration. The groom’s parentsand families agreed with the bride’s father. HE IS INDEED RARE & BLESSED.
    If only there were more like him the world will be better place.