Celebrating June 28 as Karpal Singh Day

1989: Karpal Singh waving to friends after leaving the courtroom with his wife Gurmit Kaur and son Jagdeep (2nd from right).
Letter to the Editor | MALAYSIA |

“Noble and able defender of the defenceless.” So reads a plaque given to him by his client.

“He knows the law and is not afraid to use it,” many describe him.

“99% of lawyers give others a bad name,” an old joke goes. For many, he is in the 1%!

Politicians that are highly adored and loved by the people are few. He was one such.

A Malaysian with high principles and reputation for righteousness.

He may not have his articles of faith on him but he had people’s faith in him.

Kar means do, pal means good and singh means lion. His name translates as a do-good or merciful lion.

Always the one who fights for fairness till the end, alas his own was a very unfair end.

April 17, 2014, a date in history when many Malaysian hearts were shattered and tears flowed, as he began his long rest.

Yes, Karpal Singh!

Patriotic and no nonsense Malaysians miss you very much.

As much as we are sad to lose you, we are happy you happened to Malaysia.

Your legacy for justice for all Malaysians is still alive and may we continue to cherish you forever by celebrating every June 28, your birth anniversary day, as Karpal Singh Day!



Karpal Singh’s arrest 31 years ago in Operasi Lalang  (Asia Samachar, 28 Oct 2018)


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