This Singapore party volunteer speaks 7 languages

Jejhar Singh has been volunteering with the PAP since 2018. As Singapore prepares to vore, brings us the story of the 23-year-old polytechnic student

Jejhar Singh – Photo: Mothership / Jane Zhang
By Asia Samachar Team | SINGAPORE |

As Singapore prepares for its general election, there is naturally a buzz of activities on the ground. All the contesting political parties are mobilising their manpower to reach out to the voters as they prepare to cast theor ballot on Friday (10 July).

One of the volunteers on the ground is Jejhar Singh. The 23-year-old polytechnic student has been volunteering with the PAP since 2018.

And he has an interesting story to tell, as captured by Singapore media portal

This lad has a way with languages. He speaks seven languages, to different extents: English, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, and Malay.

“My hua yu (Mandarin) is also very good, in my opinion,” he tells the portal, adding that Jejhar grew up speaking Punjabi and Hindi at home, and he learned Russian and Japanese through taking lessons.

He picked up Mandarin over the years from his friends, and from sitting in on Chinese lessons (although he didn’t take it as a class) during his school days, as his mother tongue Punjabi was only offered on Saturday.

“Everyone was speaking Chinese, and I was just absorbing all the Chinese words in my ears,” he added.

Jejhar is now serving PAP, the party which is expected to once again form the government, on the Youth Executive Committee at his local level. He also helps out at Meet-the-People Sessions.

In the course of his volunteering, Jejhar began working with the Kebun Baru team, where he met Henry Kwek. Kwek was the Member of Parliament in charge of Kebun Baru under Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency (GRC) at the time, and is a candidate for GE2020 for the newly-formed Kebun Baru Single Member Constituency (SMC).

At the weekly Meet-the-People Sessions, which run from 7pm until around 10 or 11pm, Jejhar helps out with registering the residents, taking their temperatures, and greeting them.

See the full story, PAP volunteer, 23, speaks 7 languages: ‘To serve the community, I must understand the community’, here.



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    Good to know many languages – will open up some job opportunities for him👍 besides being sociable. – SINDY KD