Sikh sisters powering Art and Kraft

Sisters Amandeep Kaur and Kalveer Kaur
By Anandpreet Kaur BRITAIN |

Two British Sikh sisters who have always been head over heels with painting and interior design are all set to turn their hobbies into a career.

Sisters Amandeep Kaur and Kalveer Kaur have been drawing since childhood after being inspired by their mother.

“We were always fascinated with her artwork and designs, and the way she drew, doodled and painted,” they told Asia Samachar.

The sisters set up A & K, Art and Kraft during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. This was something that they had always wanted to do, what more having always been told they should sell their artwork. Last month, they had their first exhibition at Hansford and Sons.

Amandeep has a Masters in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London and a bachelors in Advertising and Brand Communication at UCA. Drawing and painting has always been a hobby of hers. Outside of her business, she works in a fast paced advertising agency as a project manager.

Kalveer has a bachelors in Computer Game Arts where she learnt core skills in digital art, illustration, both 2D and 3D. She is passionate about all aspects of design. Having excelled in art throughout the years in school and her full time job as a graphic designer.

Asia Samachar spoke to the sisters. Excerpts from the email interview.


Tell us more about yourselves?

We are A & K, Art and Kraft, sisters who love painting and interior design. Our names make up the initials of our venture. A, stands for Amandeep and K, for Kalveer making Art & Kraft. Our art collections express our personality, fun, loud, and bubbly!! Recently we ran our first exhibition at Hansford and Sons, which we received great exposure for, in getting our art out there! We have over 10 years commercial experience in art and design between us, but have been drawing since childhood. We aim to sell our work in galleries around the globe and get recognition on the artwork we produce. Turning our hobby into a career.

How did you get into painting?

We have always loved painting! Our creativity comes from our mother. She is our inspiration from an early age. She is an amazing graphic designer who studied her degree whilst raising us! She is our superwoman in all things art and design. We were always fascinated with her artwork and designs, and the way she drew, doodled and painted. Her exploration with art got us drawing our favourite Disney characters and experimenting on the computer with Paint, Clipart, Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher in the 90s. Excited by paint and colour, we were always experimenting with colouring pencils, felt tips, gel pens and glitter crayons. Her support has brought our new business vision to life. Throughout our school years, university years and into our careers, we enjoy creating artwork for clients. Seeing our artwork up in their homes and helping them with interior design is so rewarding.

What kind of work do you do mostly?

We create unique pieces to match our clients home decor, paintings that brighten up homes and get people talking. We enjoy creating abstract pieces, portraits, illustrations and wildlife art, using acrylics, watercolour and alcohol inks, as our favourite medium on canvas and yupo paper. As well as stationary for weddings, birthdays, anniversary’s and special occasions and accessory pieces such as phone cases, masks, water bottles, pillows and much more. Our artwork is versatile and we plan to showcase a range of pieces to suit our buyers.

What inspires your painting?

Our artwork is inspired by our favourite things and surroundings. We take inspiration from everywhere, our abstract art comes to fruition from our thoughts and ideas, wildlife art from animals we love and our own snaps from daily walks, portraits from family friends and people who fascinate us!

Sisters Amandeep and Kalveer at the Hansford and Sons exhibition

There are two of you. So who does what?

We both love doing a bit of everything. Abstract art we come up with ideas together and start working on projects as a team. Portraits, illustrations and wildlife art we work on individually as our techniques are slightly different and both have a uniqueness about them that clients ask for particular styles over others. Altogether we collaborate on everything we work on and brainstorm from stationary, accessories to wall art.

Sisters working together. How do you get along? How to make it work?

We get along very well, we are best friends! Sometimes we have disagreements but the oldest always wins… joking! Depends on who presents a better case! We always strive for the best and will go above and beyond to deliver a masterpiece. That’s all part of the fun and games of running a business whilst working full time.

We’ve always done things collaboratively and individually when it comes to expressing our own styles. We’ve worked together in the past professionally as well, Amandeep having project managed Kalveer as a designer.

Check out the sisters at or @aandkart on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



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