Protestors demand resignation of Ipoh gurdwara president

| Ipoh, Malaysia | 6 March 2016 | Asia Samachar |

Some 50 Sikhs gathered at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI) in a demonstration to demand the resignation of the committee president.

A week before, WGSI annual general meeting at the gurdwara in Ipoh, Perak, ended contentiously when the gurdwara management committee (GMC) had expelled members who had not updated their membership, also known as chandaa.

“We want the gurdwara for the Sanggat, and not for his political purposes,” one protestor told Asia Samachar.

“The mood was jovial, but we are really unhappy with the present committee,” said another WGSI member who was also present at the demonstration.

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Police were seen outside the gurdwara compound, but did not make their way in, unlike during the AGM on 28 Feb 2016 when the GMC had called for police presence supposedly for safety the of the members.

The move was widely condemned by many Sikhs in various social media discussion groups.

In a statement to Asia Samachar, the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) had also expressed regret on the move.

After an initial show of defiance on the membership issue, the gurdwara GMC led by Amarjit Singh Gill then backtracked, giving members until the month-end to update their membership dues.

By then, the damage had been done, at least in the views of some members.

“This guy [Amarjit] is so arrogant. On AGM day, some senior Sanggat members tried to make peace, but he had refused to listen,” one WGSI member said when asked why he took part in the gathering at the gurdwara compound.

Some of the placards at the protest read: Gurdwara for all, We will not stop till you step down, Justic for Ram & Betay and Guru ki sewa requires humility.

The gurdwara AGM was also marred with the questionable presence of foreign maids. In related matters, police had held two active volunteers from the gurdwara for questioning in actions related to the AGM. See here.

Amarjit is the son of Darshan Singh Gill, a lawyer and a prominent Sikh. Darshan, who holds the honorific Tan Sri, was a former president at WGSI and president of Malaysia National Sikhs Movement (GerakSikh).


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  1. Can some one from the Ipoh Gurdwara inform as to whether and how the problem was solved if solved.
    This will prevent any rumors and further speculations which are not good for the community in general and
    for Ipoh Gurdwara in particular.

  2. It would be appropriate for the whole committee be replaced with new members. Those involved in the disgraceful events should also be barred from standing for new elections. In the meantime there should be a freeze on usage of funds with the exception of usage of funds for salaries, langgar, prayers and utilities/operational expenses. At least one Trustee and another independent member of the local Sanggat should approve usage of WGIS funds.
    Above a suggestion for consideration.

  3. Reminds me discontent of the sangat with the president of the day about 20 years ago. When selfish intentions are there the sangat with waheguru’s grace stands up to set things right. Wada Gurdwara Ipoh have fond memories close to my heart as along time resident of Ipoh who left Ipoh.I know all of you dear sikh brothers. May waheguru sets things right