Ipoh gurdwara president lodges criminal intimidation report, lorry driver held

| Ipoh, Malaysia | 29 Feb 2016 | Asia Samachar |


A lorry driver, who is also an active volunteer at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI), was placed under one day remand to facilitate police investigation into an alleged criminal intimidation by a committee member of the gurdwara.

The  suspect had surrendered himself at the Perak state police headquarters in Ipoh last night (28 Feb 2016).

The incident is connected to yesterday’s heated WGSI annual general meeting (AGM) which saw many members upset by a move by the gurdwara management committee (GMC) to remove members who had not updated their membership dues.

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“The magistrate today granted a one-day remand,” lawyer Charan Singh from Nurul & Charan tells Asia Samachar. Charan and Jagdave Singh had appeared on behalf of the suspect before the magistrate in Ipoh.

The police had asked for a four-day remand for the suspect who is being investigated for criminal intimidation under Section 506 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

On Friday, two days before the AGM, Charan said the suspect had gone to the WGSI committee office to check on his membership status in view of the upcoming meeting.

Apparently, he was not allowed into the office room and had left after shouting at some committee members present.

The report was lodged by WGSI committee president Amarjit Singh Gill, said Charan.

Amarjit, serving a second term as WGSI president, had came under intense fire at the AGM yesterday on a number of issues, including a decision to remove dozens of members whose membership had lapsed.

The meeting saw police cars in the gurdwara compound, with nearly a dozen policemen present.

When contacted yesterday, Amarjit had told Asia Samachar: “We had called the police to ensure safety of the Sanggat. Some members had become physical, some were rowdy before the AGM began.”



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  1. He was present in the Gurduara– two days before the incident?but reported two days —–AFTER ANOTHER incident, where police was called unjustifiably, and to justify that action , now, he has been reported.not very clever thought out plan

    I think the sangat should now mount en mass reports for barring and intimidating them with police presense within Gurduara compound as someone said on facebook.

  2. He was present in the Gurduara– two days before the incident?but reported two days ANOTHER incident where police was called unjustifiably, and to justify that action , now?