MSU Johor gets funding to assist needy Sikh families


Johor Bahru, Malaysia | 1 March 2016 | Asia Samachar |

Sultan of Johor’s wife Permaisuri Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idrsi Shah presenting the Better Malaysia Foundation cheque to MSU Johor chiarman Ranjeet Singh on 21 Feb 2016. Vincent Tan is in the middle. - PHOTO / Permaisuri Johor Facebook page
Sultan of Johor’s wife Permaisuri Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah presenting the Better Malaysia Foundation cheque to MSU Johor chairman Ranjeet Singh on 21 Feb 2016. Vincent Tan is in the middle. – PHOTO / Permaisuri Johor Facebook page

Malaysian Sikh Union (MSU) Johor has managed to secure for the third consecutive year funding from a foundation formed by a Malaysian tycoon.

The RM35,000 received from the Better Malaysia Foundation (BMF), an outfit founded by Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, will be channeled towards MSU Johor’s on-going efforts to assist single mothers and needy families.

“The funds will go towards helping families in need of assistance. We have been giving RM300 per month to some 30 families since the last six years,” MSU Johor chairman Ranjeet Singh tells Asia Samachar.

Tan is the founder of Malaysian conglomerate Berjaya Corp Bhd.

BFM gave out RM1 million in total to 39 charitable organisation, with MSU Johor being the only Sikh oganisation on the recipient list.

Ranjeet says other Sikh organisations should also attempt to tap funding assistance from the foundation.

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MSU Johor, which has received the same amount from BFM in 2014 and 2015, have also been receiving an annual grant of RM50,000 from the Johore state government.

Ranjeet and MSU Johor exco member Manjeet Singh attended the cheque presentation ceremony on 21 Feb 2016 with Permaisuri Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah as the guest of honour.

Among others, MSU Johor also contributes towards games and sports on yearly basis to Johor Sikh Sports Council and hosted Vaisakhi open houses, said Ranjeet.


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  1. Hi I am a single mum …..I need financen support frm our gudwara sahib Johor bahru….How and Who Can I refer my current Situations so tight until I money to biy food to eat instead….I just need this financen help for short term only ….Pls Guide me here My brother or My Sister….Thank you so munch …God bless u More n More always…Here my contact details At 014-9279704 ( Alisa name: Kiran)

  2. Sr. Ranjeet Singh Ji Thank you
    My suggestion was that the financial records be made public for the Sanggat who should be informed and should not be limited only to members in benefit. The reason is that most of the funds to NGOs are donated by individuals and in this case the donations generally form part of the ‘daswand’ paid by sanggat.
    The few registered members elect Committee members to manage the funds of any NGOs/organization.
    Further the membership fee is nominal and not sufficient even for administrative purposes.

    It has been my observation that that when the Sanggat is not kept informed [including non-registered members] of the financial position of any Organization, be it NGOs for religious//charitable purposes or is of commercial nature, there can result a perception that there may exist risks of financial mismanagement-fraud-corruption-bribery-kickbacks and some individual not in the know may even spread rumors of possible abuse of position in procurement of goods-services-etc by those in power and silence may reign due to suspected possible collusion.

    It is best to pre-empt any wrong perception by being upfront with transparency and not be use the ‘constitution’ and by-laws to justify keeping the sanggat/non-members of the community out of the information loop.

    No malice intended but suggestions based for common good. May be the Sanggat members should look into making some changes and stop limiting financial information of NGOs [including Gurdwaras] being limited to only the registered members as I see no reason why the Cummunity members should not be kept abreast with financial information at least for locals to see if not the whole Community.

    It is my view that all should be made aware of the GOOD WORK DONE BY THE MSU and not just the registered members and FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY MAY BE THE BEST METHOD.

    Sikh leaders and organizations should change their mindset and consider this for the betterment of financial management.

  3. MSU Johor branch makes available its financial records to all its members at its annual AGM… The next one is on 20th March 2016?

  4. Congratulations to MSU for its a activities of helping the needy. Now can they be transparent and make public their financial statements for all to see their good worm?
    Thanks to those who made the funds available..

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