Ipoh gurdwara AGM: Another volunteer held, lorry driver vows to ‘get back their membership’

| Ipoh, Malaysia | 2 March 2016 | Asia Samachar |
Darshan Singh: Plans to 'go all out for sanggat to get back their membership' at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh
Darshan Singh: Plans to ‘go all out for sanggat to get back their membership’ at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh

Another gurdwara volunteer was held for questioning in connection to the alleged fracas at the Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI) annual general meeting (AGM) held on Sunday which saw poice presence on the gurdwara grounds.

The volunteer, a lorry driver and brother to the other Sikh man held earlier, surrendered at the Perak state police headquarters in Ipoh, yesterday. He was brought to the magistrate court in Ipoh, Perak, today (2 March 2016) where the police were granted a one-day remand.

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This is the second person to be questioned in connection to the heated WGSI meeting on 28 Feb 2016 which saw dozens of members protesting a move by the gurdwara management committee (GMC), led by president Amarjit Singh Gill, striking off their membership for non-payment of their membership dues.

On Sunday, a lorry driver had surrendered himself to facilitate police investigation into an alleged criminal intimidation by a WGSI committee member.

In a message shared via the social media, one of the lorry drivers held for questioning gave his version of the events that transpired prior to the AGM and said that he would ‘go all out for sanggat to get back their membership’.

This was in response to Amarjit’s 900-word message on his personal Facebook page where he defended his actions of calling the police to the gurdwara.



(Asia Samachar has called him to confirm the message. Shared verbatim)


As everyone is aware that dato amarjit singh s/o darshan singh has wrote his side of story on violance and attack occured in wadda gurdwara sahib ipoh during the AGM plus accusation on me who used abbusive language to them, why not i clarify myself on what really happend and what transpired me to act such.

On 26th feb, around 9:30am i went to wadda gurdwara sahib to matta takke and coincidently i saw few cars there and then asked an individual on whats happening. The individual told me that ROS officers are down for investigation and you may ask them on the termination of your membership since there is no reply from the WGSI comm. I grabbed this opportunity to knock the meeting room door PROPERLY and requested them to open the door since i have questions to ask. Mr Mohinderjit Singh, the treasurer have told me to wait outside as there is discussion going on. So, i went up straight to Darbar Sahib to metta takke and came back again. Again, i knock the door and requested them to open the door and allow me to speak to the ROS officers.

They asked me to wait outside again since there is meeting going on. I walked straight to the car park and met an individual just for a chat. While chatting and waiting for the meeting to end the respective individul told me that Tan Sri Darshan Singh is also in the meeting room.

When a non committee member (Tan Sri Darshan Singh who is father to Dato Amarjit Singh) can be inside the meeting room why did my entry was denied by them? Again, i went knock the door and there was no answer coming from inside, this made me furious and i slammed the door this time. I have kicked the door, punched the shutters, shouted out of my lungs and questioned them why is Tan Sri inside the room? On which capacity Tan Sri Darshan Singh is having meeting with ROS? Is he is inside the committee? Is he the president of WGSI? Due to double standard in front of my eyes which made me angry i have verbally assaulted them.

Now regarding me threateing them for breaking his head, as well as the committee members head during the AGM, this is a totally FALSE accusation and they have made a false police report on me which forced me surrender myself to the police.

My motive to ask question to the ROS officers is because there were injustice to the saggat of WGSI and i stood up for the sanggat.

What ever i have written here is the true story of what really happened and being a God fearing human i would not lie. I have made this statement in my police report too.

My question to Dato Amarjit Singh, am i really a bollywood actor like Sanjay Dutt who will attend with my people and beat you all up during the AGM? Do you really think that i am that uncivilized who will act barbarously? You claimed to be professional but why being such disgrace. Please stop watching old hindi movies and grow up.

Now episode 2, you mentioned that my brother Ram Singh attacked your brother Manjit Singh s/o Tan Sri Darshan Singh there were many individuals witnessed that he denied old senior citizens mostly ladies from entering the meeting hall just to be observers. Ram Singh told Manjit Singh allow them to enter the hall three times and Manjit was still stubborn. After three times telling then there were arguments and pushing took place which Manjit Singh fell down on his back.

In addition Ranjit Kaur d/o Tan Sri Darshan Singh told the sanggat are you all that shameless that yearly chanda could not be paid? Now same question sanggat may also throw back, how about Dato Amarjit who paid chanda from his own pocket money for those sanggat who lapsed when Dato Amarjit Singh did campaign house to house? Isnt that shameless act now? Where is the quality of a president now? More than 70 membershiped expelled and foreign maids who are their house maids being the members there now. This is a total discrimination and being bias for Dato Amarjit Singh own benefits.

Dato Amarjit Singh also emphasized on rowdiness and thugs during the AGM, why not address about your younger brother Sukhjit Singh s/o Tan Sri Darshan Singh who was standing there like a bouncer in AGM, Who was about to start a chaos when a speaker requested for a microphone to speak. Sukhjit Singh s/o Tan Sri Darshan Singh was not giving the microphone in hand of a speaker when he wanted to ask questions to Dato Amarjit Singh. The sanggat made noise to Sukhjit Singh only then the microphone was given in the speakers hand after Dato Amarjit Singh gave the green light. Now, isnt this called sparking a fight?

I was not a participant during the AGM with the false report and false accusation made on me i was hand cuff and brought to court for remand, there was sanggat waiting for me. Few of them had tears in the eyes when saw me hand cuffed. Now, ill take a vow that i will go all out for sanggat to get back their membership. We the sanggat of wadda gurdwara have never witness all this before and we will go all out to bring back justice for members of wadda gurdwara sahib ipoh. The more members we have the more will be benefit for our gurdwara. By expelling members from gurdwara will only bring destruction not unity.

Thank you.

Darshan Singh – Betay


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  1. Both sides claim that their version is the correct one. Now how is the Sanggat going to know who is telling the truth and how is to be believed?
    If the case was to go to court both will swear that they are telling the truth and their respective lawyers will say what is in the interest of their clients. IF THIS WAS TO GO TO COURT IT WILL BE A SHAME FOR THE SANGGAT AND ANOTHER QUESTIONS: Will this not be BEADBI to the SGGS as the swearing will be in the name of WAHEGURU?

    Th problem should be solved amicably and immediately and not be a case of washing dirty linen in public especially when the within community dispute will be settled by non-Sikhs.

    One suggestion would be that the Trustees take control of the Committee and get new members to form the new Community with none of the individuals involved in the dispute being in the new Community. Malaysian Gurdwara Council President and its Council Members should get involved in solving the problem and not remain silent or have hands off attitude by justifying their possible lack of action with the statement that
    ‘it is an internal matter’. It cannot be an internal matter as it involves a Gurdwara and Sikh Sanggat. This dispute can be a test on the usefulness of the MGC in which it cannot afford to fail and any action can be a precedent in case there are similar disputes in the future in Management of Gurdwaras in Malaysia and in future.
    There is a remote possibility that some one may refer this incedent to SGPC of Akal Takht in Amritsar and seek their advise. If this was to happen then MGC should be ready with a response in its capacity as the body perceived to be responsible for overseeing the Gurdwaras in Malaysia and if this is not one of its responsibilities then it would be interesting for it to clarify what are its main responsibilities.

    Hoping for an intelligent discussion and amicable solution without it becoming a disgrace for Sikhs in social media such as face book and others including print media.