Wheelchair-bound Keshvinder Kaur eagerly awaits completion of Subang gurdwara

| Subang, Malaysia | 20 Aug 2016 | Asia Samachar | 

Wheelchair-bound Keshvinder Kaur is eagerly looking forward to the completion of the new gurdwara in Subang Jaya, a huge township just outside Kuala Lumpur.

The new place of worship and community centre promises to be friendly to the disabled.

“The gurdwara management committee has taken into account the needs of the disabled and the elderly. The most important facilities are toilet, lift, a ramp and a designated car park. They have promised to include it in the plan,” the 39-year old housewife tells Asia Samachar, an online newspaper for Sikhs in Southeast Asia.

She noted that it was much tougher for gurdwaras with older buildings to cater for the disabled.

“For older buildings, its more difficult to accommodate the needs of the disabled and the elderly,” she said.

Keshvinder, wheelchair-bound since 2011 due to multiple sclerosis, was one of the more than 100 Sikhs who turned up at the building site on a recent Sunday evening (7 Aug 2016).

At the moment, Keshvinder frequents Gurdwara Sahib Puchong, the next nearest gurdwara for her, as it has a lift. “The lift there is a draw,” she said.

Work is going on for the four storey building that will house the Gurdwara Sahib Subang, a project undertaken by the Subang Sikh Association Selangor (SSAS).

The project is estimated to cost RM4.8 million, with the committee still facing a shortfall of RM3 million. The building includes two heavy duty lifts as the darbar sahib will be on the top most floor.

“The superstructure should be completed up to the roof by September. Our target date for completion is still at end-2017. We hope to have Vaisakhi 2018 here,” SSAS President Amrick Singh tells Asia Samachar when met at the same function.

He said the next stage of funding will be required for brick works, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings.

“We are trying to get some corporate donors as well, but it has not been easy. We need the funding soon as the construction is well underway,” said an active SSAS volunteer.

SSAS, formally registered in 2002, was formed with two objectives: To promote the teachings of Sikhism to Sikhs in Subang, and to obtain a piece of land to build the gurdwara.

Initial applications for a plot of land were made to the local authorities in 2003. In  January 2012, the Selangor state government had approved the allocation of a 10,000 sq ft land for the purposes of the gurdwara.

The laying of the gurdwara sahib’s foundation stone was held on Jan 4, 2015, after the completion of an akhand path, or the continuous reading of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. On May 9, the piling for the building at a cost of RM148,000 was commenced.

Those interested in the tender process are requested to contact SSAS committee president Amrick via WhatsApp or SMS at [+60125389061] or email to amricksinghrandhawa@yahoo.com.my.



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  1. PJGS Sanggat have been waiting for a lift for over ten years and now it is hoped that the newly elected MGT CTEE will make it a reality as funds is not a problem as GSPJ has over RM2.8m in its coffers earning a measly about 3% pa rate interest and it should not be the main function of any MC to accumulate funds but use them wisely for common good of the Sanggat. The new lift should cater for all the floors and not just for going to Darbar Sahib. My Congratulations on their election.

    Gur Fateh