Getting the inside scoop from Guru Gobind Singh himself

Giani Thakur Singh: Screengrab from a video clip talking about the five children ‘blessed’ by mud

A pretty well-known Sikh parcharak from a high-sounding outfit was recently forced to eat his words. He apologised for suggesting that Guru Gobind Singh himself had somehow engineered the 1984 incident.

Giani Thakur Singh, a Sikh preacher who attaches himself to Damdami Taksal, was reading what seemed like a prepared text in his climb down from the preposterous claim. We can learn a few things from this incident.

To begin with, Giani Thakur is not a person that I’ve followed before (his lectures or talks or whatever). When the apology video clip began making its rounds, I decided to check him out. To my delight, there were more than enough videos on Youtube to make a fairly decent assessment of his brand of parchaar (preaching).

His content didn’t resonate with me, but he sure gave me a few chuckles. I will come to that shortly.


But first, let us see how he got the ‘inside scoop’ from no less than Guru Gobind Singh.

It seemed that the ‘enlightened’ people get visitations from ‘top’ souls. Gurus and long-gone ‘babas’ visit them. These people only appear before ‘sadhu sants’ of a certain level. So, there must be some kind of a checklist before they make an appearance.

In one lecture, this roving parcharak claims he has seen some ‘babas’ maintaining extra bedding for the supposedly celestial visitors.

In another talk, he tells about his encounter with a ‘baba’. That baba apparently told him that Guru Gobind Singh made an appearance before him. Standing at his doorway, Guru Gobind Singh, it seemed, showed him his blistered tongue. Why? The sevadar had done the ‘kirpan bheth’ while the degh was piping hot.

Utter nonsense shared in the name of Sikhi parchaar. Talk about livid imagination!

But that is not the worst part. Even more baffling is the fact that so many lap it up. “He has thousands of ‘likes’ for his video. It’s not easy to get that kind of numbers,” a Sikh involved in Sikhi parchaar in Malaysia told me. Ignorance and fear is certainly at play here. Ignorance of what Sikhi is all about, and fear of calling out the dastard lies of such parcharaks.

In the case of the 1984 story, I suppose, he must have ruffled too many feathers. Hence the apology.


Some people have labelled him as a ‘guppy’ (wild story teller, but this does not do justice to the Punjabi word. Let me know if you can translate it better). He has himself mentioned how people have thrown that label at him, but he is not perturbed as he believes he’s doing Guru’s work.

Let me just share a few of his wild stories. Hold back the laughter.

In one lecture, he talks about a supposedly special paath (prayer) called Brahm Kavach that he recommends to one and all. You won’t find this in the Guru Granth. He gives very specific instructions. You wake up early in the morning, do keshi ishnan (take a head bath), prepare degh, place it on a clean cloth. And the list goes on. And then you start the recitation of the prayer.

This paath, he claims, has helped so many. Miracles are supposed to have taken place.

In one incident, he talked about how people who had resolved to do the path but stopped half way. One Singh who had asked for the boon of waking up early to that path started hearing jaikaras at dawn. He must have heard in stereo because it came from ‘many Singhs’.

One ‘sant’ apparently told him in person: “Thakur Sia, there was a time when we didn’t have even half a slice of bread. They only get food on the third day. But he never asked for food. All he asked from God was that he is able to do his 151 Japji Sahibs, Panj Granthi, Sahej paath, 5 banis, Raheras, Kirtan Sohela, Ardas. Please don’t take these away from me. By all means, take away food, cloths; but don’t deny me the nitnem.”

Yes, you read correctly: one hundred and fifty one Jap (ji) in the morning! Seriously?

In another talk, Thakur tells the story of how a baba makes you eat soil, and wallah, you get not 1 but 5 boys! A perfect solution for all those parents who want to have a male for their next offspring.


These parcharaks drop names like nobody’s business. Big names. Thakur peppers his talks with the names of Baba Jarnail Singh Bindranwale and Baba Kartar Singh Khalsa (‘whom I know’, he says), both of the Damdami Taksal fame.

And if you listen carefully, many of these parcharaks would place themselves, unashamedly, in the ‘enlightened’ category. If not directly, then the followers would happily do it for them. Why not? An elevated ‘baba’ would immediately elevate their standing, too!


In his lectures, Giani Thakur keeps drumming on the importance of being a ‘sat bachan’ type of Sikh. What is that? When given an instruction, embrace it whole heartedly, without question.

To impress on its importance, he illustrates with stories of how Bhai Lehna does all the bidding of Guru Nanak, never questioning, never trying to reason. But, wait a minute? That’s Guru Nanak giving out the instructions. He wants to equate it to today’s living, breathing, talking ‘babas’? And we go ‘sat bachan’? He must be joking.

Guru Nanak wants us to question everything that we do. Guru Nanak wants us to be crystal clear as to why we do what we do. But these baba types want us to be like sheep. They want us to follow blindly. Good luck to those who submit to their silly whims and fancies.

The ‘bachan’ today is the Shabad as enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib. Surely not the fallible uttering of a baba, however exalted one may deem him (or her) to be.

They are merely twisting and turning things for their benefit. They want people to submit unquestioningly to their dictates and whims. They deploy fear. They make use of our ignorance.

Do check out the likes of Thakur Singh and others. But I do hope people turn to them for entertainment and not for serious, authentic Sikhi instruction.

Hb Singh is a Kuala Lumpur-based journalist with some experience in dealing with Sikh organisations, both from within and outside. 

* This is the opinion of the writer, organisation or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Asia Samachar.



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  1. Gurcharan Singh ji,the problem is these sant babas are interpreting Sikhi through the lense of Hinduism.They conduct the same rituals and justify it by saying its ‘maryada’.Whats the difference?A coconut is a coconut,doesn’t matter if its offered to idols or to SGGS,it’s still a fruitless ritual.Instead of reading vedic mantras they are reading SGGS shabads now.Youtube is filled with these shenanigans.From doing ‘havans’ in gurudwaras to ‘Jhatka’ing’ coconut in the darbar and they call it maryada.

    Punjab is drowning with drug and alcohol addiction.70% of the youth are hooked.Youtube ‘punjab girls drugs’ and you will see even young girls smoking heroin also called ‘chitta’ there.What have these sant babas done about this pandemic?Instead of building Gurudwaras and marble deras they should concentrate on building rehab centres and train an army of addiction therapists.No magic mantra or shabad can help with these issues.The panth has to wake up and go solve their problems themselves.These babas are living in extreme denial and delusion.If these sant babas can’t solve problems in Punjab itself,how are they going to solve our problems here?

    It’s best we Malaysian train our own cadre of local Granthis who will have full time secular jobs and be part time Granthis.Train them in basic psychology,teenager counselling,marriage counselling and addiction theraphy too so they can serve the sangat better.Secular and Religious education used together would create a good synergy.The local panth has to get together and implement this before ‘derawaad’ infects more souls here.

  2. Sadhu Singh ji, Bilkul correct!The same gaporri!

    Gurbani is not about gaining or granting miracles.It is abt learning, knowledge and discipline in life in the way Gurus advised.

    It is not any numbers of paths or parrot repitation of mantra of words.

    Before him was a Kartar Singh of the same dum dum tksaal who has lied abt all its history and distorted gurbani.They eye the income revenues, and use every fraudster trick in the book to manipulate people to follow them.

    They have distorted the gurbani and are insulting the Guru Granth Sahib with fake puranic books and texts.

    For last one hundered years we have been duped and misled

    These people have turned Gurbani 8nto some magicians idea and sorcery of the unknown.

    About time people followed the truth than these babadomm

  3. Isn’t this the Thakur Singh who in every other youtube video talks about the benefits of ‘Brahm Kavach’ paath and how seva lakh repetitions have to be done facing a certain direction.It’s ironic that his ‘Brahm Kavach’ shakti couldn’t save him when he was accused of molestation by a women in a western country.And didn’t this individual,with both arms in the air surrendered to the army in Harmandir Sahib during the 84 attack and flashed his SGPC credentials to be allowed to leave the complex?Thats what I heard although I have no evidence of it.

    I 100% believe SGGS is able to grant enormous ‘shakti’ to those who not only read but practice what it says but what I disagree is commercialising that shakti,start a dera,collect followers and taking the sangat astray from SGGS.If you did get any ‘shakti’ it’s best to keep quiet and carry on with life as these ‘ridh,sidh’ causes us to become arrogant and could make us go astray from the true Guru.