My Brag To Success

How one lie changed everything for Harsimran. He tells us his story.

Harsimran Singh Raina – Photo: Supplied
By Harsimran Singh Raina | People |

Just like every other student in their school life, sometimes, they tend to brag about themselves and take pleasure in doing so; I was no exception to this.  Everyone in my friends circle was good at something. Someone was good at comedy, someone was good at the piano and I tried to look good and I started bragging about how good I was at the guitar. But the truth was I didn’t even know how to hold the instrument.  Everyone started praising me and even asked me to teach them. This euphoria was short lived. I was in year six then, just twelve years old.

This brag lingered on in my brain till I reached home. It hit me hard that this lie would make it difficult to face them. If one day, they give me a guitar to play, I would be caught having told them a lie and be painted a liar. I was just horrified by the thought; I realized the huge blunder I had made. The coming year seven is when the music mart would start teaching guitar and for sure my friends would ask me to play the instrument. I started sweating.

I come from a family of musicians and my father is an accomplished teacher of music. He had a room filled with various musical instruments including a guitar. That very night I got into the room and I picked up my dad’s old guitar collecting dust in the corner. After much of thoughts, I finally brought it upon myself to learn the instrument as I needed to prove to my friends and so I instilled in me a sense of confidence and said to myself that I could do it and finally I started fidgeting with the guitar and soon began my journey with this instrument..

My first teacher was Mr. YouTube and in the first few weeks I couldn’t even make a sound out of the instrument and my fingers were filled with blisters. I used to get discouraged and disappointed.  It was impossible to learn this instrument in a few months, but I kept pushing myself harder by days.  On the other hand every single day I went to school, everyone at school would ask me to bring my guitar and play to them.  This was also a driving force pushing and motivating me.  Soon I started playing some chords and even sang along while strumming. There was no turning point from then on.  I kept pushing harder and learnt everything about the guitar.

When I finally went to school the next year, like the typical Harsimran, as I am, I started showing off and everyone started praising me. It truly felt satisfying to be able to do this in a month. That’s when I decided that I wanted to take up playing guitar seriously and go further into advance and proper coaching.

So I went up to my dad and asked him to put me up for some guitar lessons. He, being a music enthusiast, didn’t hesitate at all. He got me trained under Mr. Gary, a great teacher I must say.  He surfaced this hidden talent inside me in no time. He is in fact the reason of what I am today. Mr. Gary first started teaching me in 2017 and since then he has taken upon himself to make me an amazing musician. He would teach me all kinds of music theory and make me practice for long hours. I still recall me practicing for four hours every day. This made me better by leaps and bound.  To be the 2nd best in Malaysia at the Rock School Examination 2019 is an achievement I could never dream of.  I am indeed very proud of this achievement.  The credit goes to Mr. Gary who made it happen. Till today, he still teaches me and motivates me to keep moving forward with each step making me better. Another platform that really helped me was the Tuesday prayers I used to participate at my school. This routine performance made me lose my stage fright and for that I really thank Sri Dasmesh International School in Kuala Lumpur

To where I am today, my parents had played a very big role.  Their support, perseverance, confidence and encouragement cannot be paralleled in making me a passionate guitarist. Hopefully, I improve further and one day I could score higher and break my boundaries in the world of performance.

I can’t even imagine in my wildest dream that one lie of my life could change everything in me.



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