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If you are keen to understand Sikhs and their faith, then you are highly recommended to pick up The Hijacking of Sikhi. Its revised edition, now running into 450 pages, has just been released.

In the book, Sikh author and speaker Karminder Singh Dhillon makes a compelling case as to why the Sikh faith had been hijacked. (If you are keen to jump straight into why he chose the word hijacking for the title, then go here. There is a webinar link that you may want to check out).

The first edition was released in late-2020 along with four other books: Understanding Nitnem: Jup, Sodar, and Sohela (308 pages), Understanding Sidh Goshat (271 pages), Understanding Anand (162 pages) and Understanding Asa Di Vaar (289 pages).

The primary thesis of the book – that Sikhi as it is practiced today is not the Sikhi that was gifted by the Sikh Gurus but is a hijacked version – is developed with additional material and sources in part one – pertaining to the role of the Nirmlas.

The book also contains updated material in part four relating to efforts in freeing Sikhi from the hijackers. Sources and references have also been updated, allowing readers to do their own cross checking. The revised edition also comes with a complete index that facilitates easy search for issues.

You can now buy the revised edition as a standalone book. Click here for prices. The author has said that the book is made available at cost price with zero profit and zero royalty.

Asia Samachar had run a number of reviews on the book. Click here for one of them.


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Making the case for the ‘Hijacking of Sikhi’ (Asia Samachar, 18 Jan 2022)

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