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By Charanjeet SinghLetter to Editor |

I am not a history fan or even interested in history research; however, as a skeptical learner I enjoy and feel like diving a little deeper too using some historic information – that might not be solid though prevalent as acceptable to many.

Based on this shared information, I believe, there is enough evidence to prove that the Khalsa Kingdom led by Ranjit Singh was an example of one of most inclusive kingdoms (1799-1849 roughly) set up/ ruled on this earth until then. How is an inclusive rule of today’s Britain comparable to Khalsa Rule?

Ranjit Singh’ prime minister was a Dogra Rajput / a warrior caste, his finance minister a Brahmin (Hindu priestly caste), his foreign minister a Muslim and several top positions held by Europeans around hundred fifty years before the British inclusive experiment embedded with meritocracy and openness becomes noticeable. How appropriate is it to compare these two rules – Khalsa and present British?

Finance has remained a forte for Indians, African and Arabian until the knowledge got processed in Europe around a thousand year earlier. A litmus test would be as a Punjabi how influential Rishi could be to get her a status of state language in Punjab – west Pakistan where around half the population speaks the language without being given an official status in the province of Punjab since independence in 1947.

Further how Rishi would be able to diplomatically win over and get approved / implement a passage from Punjab to Europe similar to China reaching out Europe and re-establishing the Ancient Silk Route through train /road and sea also. This will potentially bring prosperity to the land of Rishi’s ancestors and people now living there, brilliant in skills, enterprising and ready to conquer the new world facing inflation and recession threats.

Just some thoughts, G.


Charanjeet Singh
Oshawa, CA


What kind of a ruler was Maharaja Ranjit Singh? (Asia Samachar, 29 June 2020)

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  1. I think Ridhi should not bother with Pajab or the rest of the Khalsa out git. He has enough on his plate. The Panjabi folks in India should look after themselves and their needs. We are lions who have reason to need crumbs. Ridhi semms like a good chap and we should let him do his job as the PM of UK and not burden him with our internal needs.
    The Sikhs probably need to forget about Khalistsn and become Panjabis first. The Raj Karegs Khalsa call has to be thrown out of our practices because everytime it is said we need to explain ourselves. We need to forge an identity that we are there to serve and protect our fellow beings not rule over them.
    Panjabi is the language of all Panjabis be they Hindus Muslims Sikhs or Christians. We should work on joint schemes to promote unity and diversity amongs all Panjabis.
    Our politicians have failed us and will continue to divide us for ever unless we grow out of this mess that has been created in the last 170 years since the end of the reign of Maharajah Ranjit Singh.