MGC annual women gathering starts tomorrow

Minder Kaur taking a group photo with her friends from Malacca who are attending the two-day MGC Istri Satsang Semagam in Malacca on 10 Dec 2016 – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) annual women get together starts  in Ipoh, Perak, tomorrow.

The two-day 9th MGC Istri Satsang Salana Semagam 2017 begins at 9am at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI).

Among the programmes planned are kirtan/katha, health talk, camp fire, debate and drama.

For more information, contact Amar Kaur (+6017-2645771) .


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MGC to establish trust for ladies wing (Asia Samachar, 10 Dec 2016)

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  1. Sr Gursharan Singh Ji says,”Some men in other countries are going to court to ensure that their children have the right to wear turban to reflect Sikh identity”

    Does this mean Sikh females are NOT at all bothered?
    Don’t the have a role?
    Do they not support their children at all, within this subject?

    I am sorry, I find such statement a very condescending view of Sikhs women.

    Do Sikh mothers not look after their childrens hair, patkas and small turbans?
    Do they not care when their children have to face such situations?
    I can go on, but let us give it a break and respect the women for the role in Sikhs.

    With all respect due, I find such a slanderously ill statement reflecting male chauvinism, that appears to be ingrained by snatani “sikh”teachings being dispensed around, without the real hard facts of the importatnt role of Sikhs women!

    History is full of the equal role Sikh females have displayed, along with perhaps most of the chauvinist male among Sikhs!

  2. All the best to the ladies.Having read some comments made on face book, I would like to add,a veer Awtar Singh ji, may be on a very thin wedge of the thinnest thread,of being just “right” while, looking within and with a very conservative dera sadh matt,mentallity and narrow sense, that snatani mind is asserting currently within Sikhs in Malaysia.

    But Sikhism is NOT a talibanised religion, as the Tksaali mentality, following their teachings from ba shiter would love to enforce, and demand.Their, ba chitter says,

    ruch upji tarni ke jia ab//lappt lappt aasn tr gyi//
    [chariter 402, page 1358 of the ba chitter ntk]

    It means, women is ‘makaar’,deceitful, traitor , and devious liar and untrust worthy ,as she is forever full of sexual lust, that she uses to attain her lustful needs, by any loose means.

    On page 1278, it’s god On page 1278, it’s god goes on to say ,inn istrin ke, chariter apara//saj pushtanyo in kartara, meaning these women have many faces and images,MAHAKAL, the god of ba chitter regrets having created them!!!!

    Let us NOT be “kesadhari sikh brahmans of “the god of ba chitter , mahakal….we are Sikhs of Guru Nanak, who so beautifully says….

    “bhandd jamiye , bhand nimmiye,bhndd mngn viheh,so kyun manda aakhiay, jin jame rajaan”[mahall 1,page 473]

    How can u call the woman lowly, she who gives birth to Kings and Princess….

    The covering of head, is ONLY necessary within a darbar sahib, or Gurduara, environment.But looking at that picture, the background photo I believe is not from within a Gurduara.

    Pity, my beautiful wife is not present among these pretty Sikh sisters, who appear to have all energy to revitalise Gurmat to the children and community.

  3. It could be nice if Sikh women can reflect identity which identity appears to be missing. Some men in other countries are going to court to ensure that their children have the right to wear turban to reflect Sikh identity whereas many may have abandoned the Sikh identity in their looks and names probably in the name of convenience or fashion.
    Just confused.
    Gur Fateh