American Sikh Council supports complete boycott of Indian government officials at all gurdwaras​

US Sikh activiast Bhajan Singh Bhinder protested against Indian consulate official honored with a turban at a 3HO event in Lod Angeles in November 2017. Slowly but surely Sikhs are realizing that they need to speak up and the decades old fear of the repercussions by the demonic Indian regime seems to lessen day by day.


Press Release | November 23, 2017 |

ASC supports complete boycott of Indian government officials at all Gurdwaras​

One of the prime responsibilities of Indian government officials from the Indian Embassies to the Indian Consulates in the diaspora is to keep an eagle eye on the ‘Sikhs’ and report on any and all activity however mundane. Pretty much all the officials other than the clerks, peons and pencil pushers are trained intelligence agents.

Most of the time the Indian Embassy/Consulate officials discreetly and many times openly will request an invite through their Sikh ‘toadies’ to address the Sikhs inside the Gurdwaras. The Indian government has and continues to get intelligence reports on a weekly basis on every Gurdwara in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries wherever there is a sizable Sikh population.

Dossiers are kept on the most vocal Sikh individuals who talk about human rights and/or self-determination. Even those Sikhs who voice their disdain on the religious fissures being created by proxies of the Indian establishment are watched, tracked and threatened in various ways.

The overwhelmingly majority of Sikhs in the diaspora do have family and relatives in the old homeland (Punjab). Sikhs in the diaspora fear that they will not get ‘visas’ to travel to India or get harassed and/or will be illegally detained by the authorities upon arrival in India, is the number one reason why most Sikhs have openly refrained from speaking up and speaking out against the Indian government’s policy of extermination carried out at an industrial scale against the Sikhs populace in Punjab from 1984 – 1998. In the 1980s and 1990s denial of travel visas by the Indian Embassies/Consulates was pretty common to snuff the voices of protest. Today it still goes on, but more selectively.

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Anyone who openly talks, writes, make documentaries and/or protests about human rights is a persona non-grata in the eyes of the Indian regime. When a government can literally get away with murdering over one million innocent Sikhs over a period of fifteen long years and explain it away as a figment of everyone’s imagination, it is little wonder that Sikhs themselves have become so deluded that they believe the perpetrators because the ‘massive disinformation propaganda’ carried out by the Indian foreign intelligence (Research and Analysis Wing – RAW) did a fantastic job to malign the Sikhs worldwide for the last three plus decades.

Today slowly the new generation and thanks to the ‘internet’ the flood of information has changed the views of many and opened the eyes of many Sikhs even though they were paradoxically wide awake.

Infiltration of pretty much all the gurdwaras by Indian agents, many of whom are Sikhs themselves has been the bane of the community. The overall character of Sikhs and the functional system of gurdwaras is so transparent at one level that it allows anyone regardless of who they are to physically come into the gurdwaras. Adding to the misery are the thousands of roving ‘babas’ who under the pretext of teaching and propagating the Sikh Faith, actually have been spreading the seeds of discord so that Sikhs can never trust each other or unite.

Slowly but surely Sikhs are realizing that they need to speak up and the decades old fear of the repercussions by the demonic Indian regime seems to lessen day by day.

On November 10, 2017 there was an event organized by the 3HO cult in conjunction with the Indian Consulate in Los Angeles. The 3HO cult whose current head is Inderjit Puri wife of Harbhajan Puri [aka Yogi Bhajan] along with her minions were holding an all-day seminar on Guru Gobind Singhji where the Indian consulate officials were being honored with a turban. At the open event Bhajan Singh Bhinder a Sikh activist from Tracy, CA spoke up vociferously to protest against the outright hypocrisy of the Indian officials and the 3HO organizers, since the Indian officials have never once acknowledged and/or apologized for the ‘Sustained Sikh Genocide’ and the ongoing abduction and illegal detention of many more Sikhs off and on while visiting India, who happen to be foreign nationals. The video of the recent protest went viral globally. [See here]

The age old Indian tactics of throwing minorities, especially Sikhs into jail on trumped up charges with the most common charge being ‘anti-national activities’ against the state of India. Typically an individual(s) is abducted then severely tortured and finally released to be sent back to their home country. No official apologies, no compensation, no repercussions as the state of India is bulletproof. Laws are broken on whim all under the ruse of containing any ideas of self-determination. The point is to spread intense fear among those who even talk about India’s gross human rights violations anywhere on the globe, through any medium and stop it in its tracks.

Little wonder that on November 4, 2017 Jagtar Singh Johal a British born Sikh got abducted on trumped up charges and is still languishing in jail while being severely tortured by the Indian police in Punjab. His only crime; that he ran a website which highlighted Sikh human  rights ( These illegal abductions by Indian police are routine but completely unlawful and bizarre by any lawful and democratic standards.

The Sikh sangat at the Gurdwara Sahib located at 560 Davis Rd, Tarneit, Australia not only had the self-respect and guts to stand up to High Commissioner AC Gondane but put him on notice that no Indian government officials will be allowed in any gurdwara anywhere. The American Sikh Council (ASC) steadfastly supports the ban on all Indian government officials from being allowed to speak from any gurdwara stage and applauds the stand taken by the Sikhs of the Tarneit Gurdwara Sahib.

The Sikhs globally have had enough of the incessant meddling by the Indian intelligence in the internal matters of the Sikhs, especially the nefarious interference in our religious affairs.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) humbly requests all the member gurdwaras and the Sikh institutions across the diaspora to disallow and make sure that no Indian government official be allowed to speak from the stage and/or be given an audience. Sikh human rights get trampled on daily basis with complete disregard, so it is time to say, “Enough is enough”!

Please sign the online petitions to free Jagtar Singh Johal as it very important that we show are support:



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