Cy-blur gurdwara council

MGC, a council with at least 110 Malaysian gurdwaras as members, has yet to figure out how to deploy media in its operations. Mind you, they don't even have an Facebook page

MGC still hopeless at putting social media to work. Insert photo: MGC president Jagir Singh (Main photo: Pixabay)

By Hb Singh

The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) is hopeless when it comes to the social media. This is one of the biggest challenge before the new council leadership, half of whom are probably clueless as to how to make social media work for the organisation and the community at large.

Another challenge before the present team is to work out its leadership succession and attract fresh talent into its fold.

The council, an organisation that can play a significant role in the lives of Sikhs in this nation as it provides leadership to 110 member gurdwaras, needs to do some serious work on both counts.

One key item that should be on the agenda of the newly elected leadership must surely be deploying social media into their spooks and wheels, and they need to act fast.

When the council launched its website and an e-newsletter in August 2016, it was a major achievement for the organisation. Now, now, celebrating a website? That’s like so yesterday. See here. They should have had a website more than a decade ago.


The council tasked to talking to and working with some 100 gurdwaras nationwide does not even have a Facebook page. Beat that!

You can appreciate their fears. A Facebook page, for example, has to be actively managed. There would be comments and brickbats. There would be sharing and yet more comments. There would be queries. Managing the avalanche can be a gigantic task, more so if you are not savvy in negotiating your way on the social media.

The fears are real. There are many out there who would not bat an eyelid before attacking others. We have seen in the past how some Sikh organisations and individuals have been incessantly attacked, rightly or wrongly. There are some Sikhs – we’re sure you will find the same for the other faiths – who have made it their mission to spew venom online.

The MGC was under intense fire as it waded into issues like the Dasam Granth and Sikh Rehat Maryada. Tempers flayed and emotions went into overdrive during online  discussions of these and other topics.

Managing the online clutter is no easy task. Like many Sikh outfits, the MGC leadership is made up of volunteers. Jagir Singh, who was reelected as president for another two-year term, for example, is a lawyer. After family and work, they set aside what little time they have for community work. Handling the social media noise can be seen as precisely that – noise.

But that is no reason for them not to have a presence on the social media front. Any organisation worth its salt must have a decent presence online, and a social media strategy.


Now, onto leadership. When Asia Samachar interviewed Jagir before the 2015 annual general meeting of the MGC, he declared on record that that would be his last term. But he’s still around, and still heading the organisation.

Before we proceed, let us state this much. There is nothing wrong with Jagir personally. He has devoted much time and energy to the MGC as well as the national interfaith movement. He has done a tremendous job.

However, leadership transition is a key responsibility of a sitting team. He has failed on this count. Now, he has to make the next two years count. Sort the leadership succession.

For a start, attract new faces into the leadership of the MGC and gurdwaras nationwide. Do this and you would have presented the organisation a perfect parting gift.


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    Jagdesh Singh: Spot on analysis. Having a lack of social media presence may well be a symptom of a wider more impactful root cause. It may well be a tell tale sign that MGC (and many volunteer Sikh outfits) are in dire need to catch up with the times, and with the youth, the next generation of Sikhs in the country. Fixing social media apathy won’t fix the bigger problem. Question is, are we, as a society of Sikhs in today’s age, ready to overhaul our mentality to embrace modernization and liberalism, yet staying true to our core fundamental roots?

    Avdesh Sidhu: Totally agree with the writer.we must embrace social media in order in lure young sikh.Also MGC needs new faces.

    Roshan Singh Malli: I am more than willing to assist MGC in such matters if they would like to undertake it.

    Amelia Virik: Would be glad to help too

  2. My concern is the lack of TRANSPARENCY regarding the MANAGEMENT OF FINANCES OF GURDWARAS by their MANAGEMENT COMMITTEES (MC). This can give rise to perception that the MC may not want to be ACCOUNTABLE ON THE WAY THE FUNDS ARE MANAGED which can then give rise to possible suspicion of MISMANAGEMENT FRAUD CORRUPTION COLLUSION CRONYISM EMBEZZELMENT BRIBERY KICKBACKS NEPOTISM risks.
    A comprehensive article listing some of the above risks which had happened in some cases was published in AS in early 2016.
    Further I have been calling for Transparency of Management of Gurdwaras and NGOs Funds each time substantial funds are received from Government or others Corporate entities for various projects or programmes or expansion or construction of new buildings but sad to say there has yetcto be any response from MC of any Gurdwara or NGO which received such funds.
    MGC can lead the way and show by example to others by PUBLISHING ITS ACCOUNTS IN AS and then it will have the MORAL AUTHORITY TO REQUEST OTHER GURDWARAS ang NGOs to do the same.
    The MC of SHAMSHAN BHUMI DEVELOPMENT PROJECT is raising funds in RM Millions, like some MC for Gurdwara Buildings/Renovations Projects.
    The Newly re-elected President and his team of MGC should seriously consider the need for TRANSPARENCY OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF FUNDS OF GURDWARAS AND NGOs to ensure ACCOUNTABILITY as funds are large and non-members Sanggat has the right to be kept informed as they are also approached for donations and many do donate and it is unfair they not be informed just because they are not registerd members of the Gurdwaras or NGOs.
    Gur Fateh