MGC president Jagir, team elected unopposed

NEW LINEUP: Jagir Singh (seated, fifth from left) with the newly elected exco for MGC – Photo / Provided

Incumbent president Jagir Singh and a new lineup were elected unopposed to run the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) for the next two years.

In an interview with Asia Samachar ahead of MGC’s AGM in 2015, Jagir had said that that would be his last term.

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One of the new entrants to the executive committee is Amarjit Singh, the former Jathedar of Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM), who came on board as the treasurer.

Jagjit Singh has been elected secretary. The four vice presidents are Darshan Singh, Dr Bhajan Singh, Balvinder Singh and Ranjodh Singh.

Asked what are the challenges ahead for the organisation now, Jagir told Asia Samachar: “We want to unite all the gurdwaras along the lines of the Sikh Rehat Maryada. We want to keep them together.”

He added that MGC would also endeavour to bring kathavachiks (Sikh speakers) who can explain well the shabads in the Guru Granth Sahib to ensure that the Sanggat gets proper understanding of Gurbani.

He said gurdwaras are still facing problems getting properly trained granthis.

“On this matter, we have already put up a paper to the Government requesting them to reduce the minimum age from 40 to 35 years old, and also that they are allowed to bring along their family members,” he said.


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  1. Excellently articulated.With hindsight,too many more issues were faced by MGC,than to worry abt key board warrior comments-most of which are bin waffles without substance.Congratulations to MGC AND ITS PRESIDENT.

    There is a lot more that can b said for Sr Jagir Singh’s leadership,wise,calculated and well effective to grassroots and with Sikhi.

    It has also shown where the good slap hit with Kaum dhrohi detractors and guru aspirant supporters of Fakehood

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