What does MGC do? Who is Jagir Singh?

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 5 Aug 2016 | Asia Samachar |


Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) is in the eye of a storm in the on-going debate on Dasam Granth issue.

Some quarters have hurled brick-bats against the umbrella body of 108 gurdwaras in Malaysia. Jagir Singh, its current president, has not been spared.

What is MGC? What do they do? Have they been sitting idle all these while? Or have they been striving hard for the community?

Just before MGC’s annual general meeting in November 2015, Asia Samachar met up with Jagir to find out more about the organisation. We had then run a series of articles.

Here, we share one of the articlea and a two-part interview with Jagir that we believe would give readers some insight into the council. Be prepared for a long read. In total, they run close to 5,600 words.


MGC passionately protects religious rights of Sikhs, others in Malaysia (Asia Samachar, 19 Nov 2015)

MGC passionately protects religious rights of Sikhs, others in Malaysia (Asia Samachar, 19 Nov 2015)

JAGIR: Without guidance, all gurdwaras would be on their own (Asia Samachar, 20 Nov 2015)


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  1. Gurfateh.
    Sardar Jagir Singh Ji may not be a sikh scholar per se..but he has what it takes. He is right that without a cohesive Governing Body the Gurdwaras will go into a free for all and cause untold confusion and mayhem among the sikhs. The SRM was crafted after 30 years of back breaking toil by genuine scholars and men of merit and made for the Unity of the Panth. Those who Dont Accept SRM have no locus standi to question it.
    Thus if one refuses to acknowledge the SRM as for the Panth and has faith in ones own dera maryada, there is no space left for compromise or discussion. Thats a ploy at best and sabotage at worst. The 50,000 deras in Punjab and a few here in Malaysia have NEVER accepted or followed the SRM..they all have their own differing maryadas, ardasses, ways of doing paaths, nitnems etc etc etc which are based on what their dead past holy men/godmen brahmgyanis preached. These are FRINGE groups and are welcome to follow their own maryadas but not free to IMPOSE on every Sikh. The MGC and the Global Sikh Council are to be congratulated for their foresight and determination to uphold the sanctity of the One and only Guru Guru Granth as the sole canon of Sikhs.