My Mister: My pick for best Korean drama


By Asia Samachar | Movie Review |

From the dozen or so Korean dramas I’ve watched in the past year, My Mister ranks among the best.

This 2018 South Korean television series is well scripted (even though we’re relying on the English subtitles). Some dialogues are worth a pause to ponder.

The series begins with the hustle and bustle of an engineering firm. The movie revolves around a middle-aged structural engineer and temporary clerk. The twist and turns weaved in the 16-series drama will keep you glued to the end.

The acting among the main casts is simply top of the class. You are bound to be drawn by the intensity that Lee Sun Gyun (who plays engineer Park Dong Hoon) and singer-songwriter Lee Ji An (also known by her stage name IU) who plays the temporary clerk named Lee Ji An.

The drama theme sound track grows on you. And the song track from the series, Grown Ups by Sondia, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Here’s a brief on the story line (adapted from an online source):

It’s not easy, admitting to yourself that your life is not a happy one, but that’s exactly what Park Dong Hoon has been forced to do. The middle-aged engineer working at a company where his college junior, Do Joon Yeon (Kim Young Min), is his boss, Dong Hoon is anything but happy. But that’s the least of his problems. With his two unemployed brothers living at him with his mother, he has to do what he can to help his struggling family, while trying to hold his own life together. Meanwhile, his wife and Joon Yeon are secretly having an affair.

As if life couldn’t get any more complicated or miserable, Dong Hoon soon finds himself entangled in a messy situation when one of his co-workers, Lee Ji An (IU) sees him accepting an unexpected bribe at work. Living with an invalid grandmother and drowning in debt, Ji An is drowning in her own miserable life so when the opportunity presents itself, she does what she can to try to make things better. Exploiting Dong Hoon in his moment of weakness, Ji An does what she can to make her life better but things don’t go the way she planned.

Caught up in a tangled web of personal struggles and internal corporate rivalry, Dong Hoon and Ji An find themselves fighting for the chance to make life better as they struggle to free themselves from their current misery and find a way to heal the wounds they each carry.

The series is on Netflix. Enjoy!


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