Singapore biker rides 13,188km in a South America adventure

After crossing 23 nations in Europe two years ago, Surinder Pal Singh makes it across South America in his latest bike advanture

| Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | 1 Feb  2017 | Asia Samachar |
BATTLING THE WINDS: Surinder Pal Singh on his bike at Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile in January 2017. – Photo / YemPaul Antonio

Surinder Pal Singh, an avid big biker from Singapore, crossed six countries in South American in his latest adventure on bike.

The 13,188km journey over 40 days – from the great heights of the Andes, to the vast deserts and great desolation of the Patagonian region – ended on 31 Jan 2017.

In 2015, the 38-year-old biker and a companion rode 12,220km in a 23 nation Europe adventure over 37 days. In both adventures, they clocked an average of 330km a day.

“I underestimated South America. It was no walk in the park compared to my European tours. There were days when I questioned myself as to what I was doing there when the harsh climate got to the better of me,” Surinder logged in a Facebook update at the end of the journey.

At times, Surinder admitted that the harsh climate got to the better of him. Then there was a time when he got rear ended by a car on the outskirts of Quito and almost coming head on into a Lama on the Andes.

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“South America is where the real adventure lies as of now till I come across something else that would top this. The people here are very friendly and warm. Always willing to help at any instance,” he wrote.

The phohograph accompanying this story was taken by his fellow biker YemPaul Antonio while they were crossing the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile.

“Patagonia trashed us with its strong winds day in and day out.. Holding on to the handlebars for our dear lives as the winds attempted to push us into the path of oncoming cars and praying that the next gust of wind would be favourable. Hundreds of kms were spent riding a tilted bike while fighting the winds. Temperatures of 13 degrees felt as if they were 3 degrees with the wind chill factor,” he jotted then.



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