Kelab Aman replies to letter on khanda and alcohol

A rethink can be considered regarding creating an entirely new Club logo or to refrain from using the current logo for the promotion of alcohol-related activities - SSU KELAB AMAN

Photo: Courtesy of SSU Kelab Aman facebook page

To The Editor, Asia Samachar

Reference is made to the letter written to Asia Samachar with regard to the usage of Khanda to promote alcohol.

SSU Kelab Aman would like to draw the attention of all concerned Sikhs that the Khanda and other Sikh symbols or elements were not used in isolation in the poster to promote the Club’s social activities. For all intents and purposes, we wish to state clearly that the Club’s logo was used as nothing more than to signify that the event is one of the events happening at the Club. Certainly, it is not an expressed or implied act to promote alcoholism in the Club. It is obviously a stretch to imply that the beer mugs are synonymous with alcoholism.

In short, the visual emphasis was on the event’s promotional message rather than the logo.

The Khanda is one and becomes an essential part of the entire Selangor Sikh Union Kelab Aman logo which was created when the Club was built in 1974.

In all forms of advertising, promotional or other  communication materials, the organisation’s full registered name and logo are used.

For the past 44 years, the Club’s logo has been used in all forms of materials to promote the Club’s activities.

Rest assured, SSU Kelab Aman is mindful of its role to promote and support cultural and sporting activities of our Sikh Community and not otherwise.

Since its establishment, SSU Kelab Aman has created and maintained a strong reputation as a premier sporting club among all Malaysians and also within the international community.

We are always open to constructive ideas for further improvement. In this regard, a rethink can be considered regarding creating an entirely new Club logo or to refrain from using the current logo for the promotion of alcohol-related activities. However, with a 44-year old history, matters of this nature have to be deliberated and put forward for the approval of Club members.

Public Relations Department, 


* This is the opinion of the writer, organisation or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Asia Samachar.



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  1. xThe asssrrtion that the khanda logi has brrn used for 44 years is not an acceptable excuse nor validates the use of alcohol wirh the khanda.

    For over fifty years the traffic lights are in place, but silly people, people with no respect still jump them…will not validate that there is no problem, as it is ok to jump them.

    The club has to recognise this is a national emblem, it symbolises the good values of humanity , not just Sikhs, while choosing to drink is optional, choosing to belittle the national embelm is not, it is ridiculing the national emblem.

    I dare anyone to use the logo on the national flag and promote pork or alcohol, esspecially those few who are ignorantly accusing the many Sikhs of being extremists…there us nothing extreme asking the khanda to b respected.In fact, it is going to extremes of ignorance,if these type of individuals are not being mindful of the sensitivity of Sikhs , and prefer theur alcohol.

    Yet , it was these same fellows screaming at top of their voices abt Petra Kamarudin just three weeks back.

    Whatever, the club needs to address this asap, and cease using the logo of khanda.THE CURRENT ACTIVITIES If the club DO NOT REASONATE WITH THE VALUES THE KHANDA STANDS FOR.
    So, it is welcome that the club recognised this and will take immediete steps to remedy the issue.
    I do not drink, but being a director of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in my last job, there is a problem within the community that needs addressed outside this issue.

    Alcohol is not a must or neccessity, or inate need for a human, but some people choose to abuse themselves, their families near and dear ones, is choice they make and a lifestyle that is of their own making.

  2. Pls be minded that it took many life to have the Nishan Sahib standing strong wt Khanda on it. When we see this logo we view Guru ji House n not a club of alcohol, dance or party place.
    I would strongly suggest the logo of club be change without Khanda and also the Sikh word to Punjabi ( Punjabi is better in general)
    Sikhi, Dastar n Khanda is given by Guru ji n we should always respect it with out life til death. 🙏
    Let’s correct all wrong n do the right for our beloved Guru’s n Sikhi.
    Together towards Chardikala 🙏

  3. Alcohol drinking is an accepted norm today in social functions, worldwide. How to redress the norm is an Herculean task, but if there is a will there is a way. The change can only come from individuals and not compulsion.

  4. The logo has been there from the beginning , it has become an iconic reference of KAman in all correspondence, it shud remain. Refrain from using pictures of mugs and bottles that promotes alcohol even though it makes a few spiritually connected with their Holy Spirit and make some uncomfortable. Having a drink does not make One less a Sikh, there is real threat from those promoting their beliefs onto others , that nobody seem to bother. Same goes as in maas maas Moorakh chagdeh, live n let live.

  5. Pathetic. I expected an apology, at least at the end, but instead we have us here a garbage rethoric that reeks of arrogance.

    A simple text would have suffice to indicate that the event would be held in kelab Aman. How will it be tomorrow if today such an exception is made for kelab Aman?

    The sanctity of the Sikh coat of arms must be maintained.

    Kelab Aman must immediately cease using this logo on any alcohol related promotions.

    What A Disgrace.

  6. I understand that many so called sikhs use alcohol in their social life. This is not the Gurmat. They may disobey the faith and use alcohol alcohol because of their weakness or lack of understanding and practice of faith. However, as an organisation or a club of Sikhs they should not use or allow the use of alcohol at the club or an organisational level in any of their meetings or functions. If their members can not refrain from the use of alcohol then they should not call it a Sikh club or an organisation and they should not use any symbol of Sikh faith.