Kabul gurdwara attack ‘sheer butchery’, says NZ Ekta

By Asia Samachar Team | NEW ZEALAND |

Charitable organisation Ekta New Zealand Inc described the attack on the Kabul gurdwara which killed 25 people was Sikhs ‘sheer butchery’.

Ekta NZ spokesperson Sunita Musa said that the detonating of an explosive the next day near where the families were cremating their loved ones showed how inhuman the terrorist were.

On 25 March, some gunmen launched a brutal attack on Guru Har Rai Gurdwara in Central Kabul, killing 25 people and injuring scores of others.

“It is sheer butchery,” she said in a statement emailed to Asia Samachar.

Coming just days after the Christchurch tragedy anniversary, Musa said it brought back all the memories of that horrible period.

It appeared as if the terrorist were wanting to take advantage of the world’s attention on the Covid-19 lockdown, to mount the attack so that it would not attract as much as attention as it would otherwise have got.

Musa said it appeared that they have gotten away as there has been very little media attention on the attack and nearly all world leaders have been silent on it.

However, Ekta NZ was not sitting still and has written to the prime minister requesting for NZ’s condemnation of the attack.

“It is our hope that other world leaders will follow suit. We need to create an awareness of the tragedy so that the terrorists know that the whole world is against them,” she said.

She has appealed to all faith groups to post their condemnations on social media.



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