Sikhi Concepts Part 1: Guru Nanak’s Canvas

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By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

Something to mull over as we enjoy the weekend. Sikhi thinker Dr Karminder Singh Dhillon challenges us to rethink our Sikhi understanding.

Are we preoccupied living this life for the NEXT life? Code words: Janam-maran, chauraasi lakh.

This speaker suggest that Guru Nanak’s portrait of the world is one about life and living, not one focused on death or afterlife.

Guru Nanak’s spiritual genius saw him redefining the old spiritual ways into a new and revolutionary path. But the speaker argues that the vast majority of Sikhs have fallen back to the ways discarded by Guru Nanak.

How do we know if we are one of those living the ways actually discarded by Guru Sahib? Ask this question: Is our life driven and shaped by concepts like life after death, seeking heaven and intimidated by hell, fearing God’s wrath, giving in the hope of getting returns, etc?

Part 1 titled GURU NANAK’S CANVAS of the 12-part series titled SIKHI CONCEPTS tells us why understanding the re-defining is necessary to appreciate the messages of Gurbani. Karminder explores these crucial issues in the video series made available at Sikhi Vichaar Forum website.

Karminder recently released five books on Sikhi: The Hijacking of Sikhi (420 pages), Understanding Sidh Goshat (271), Understanding Anand (162), Understanding Asa Di Vaar (289) and Understanding Nitnem: Jup, Sodar and Sohela. (308).



Part 1: Guru Nanak’s Canvas

Part 2: Death

Part 3: After Life

Part 4: 8.4 million (Chaurasi Lakh)

Part 5: Reincarnation

Part 6: Heaven and Hell

Part 7: Salvation in Afterlife (Mukti)

Part 8: Court of Judgement (Dargah)

Part 9: Dhrm Raj

Part 10: Jum Doot & Chitrgupt

Part 11: Ancestors

Part 12: Applying the Canvas




Karminder talks about what shaped his thinking, and his latest books on Sikhi (Asia Samachar, 20 Nov 2020)


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  1. Awtar Singh Prof
    The question is not what and how Dr Karminder sourced his book from. The question is , Is what is written true and what are we going to do about it. The change has to come from each and every one of us.
    Being dismissive of any new view is our weakness and our refusal to change.
    Dr Karminder has put in a concise, explicit manner, What is wrong with Sikhi as practiced. If we do not even have the courage to read it, that then is our own undoing and we can blame no one but ourselves.
    I for one, would like to commend Dr Karminder for saying it in print. The rest is to each and every Sikh.

  2. Gurfateh Ji
    Brilliant interpretation of Gurbani as it should be interpreted. Bhai Sahib Karminder Singh Ji has displayed a very high level of Gurbani concept as propagated by our Guru Jis.
    His superb brilliance should be exploited by the Sikhs of Malaysia . We often rely on foreign Percharks for Gurbani knowledge . Here is a local talent who is equal, if not far above most of the Perchraks we get from overseas.
    May Waheguru Ji bless him to serve the community in this field, especially the youth, our future.
    Santokh Singh Randhawa
    President KDM