Reincarnation redefined

“When you stop living the spirituality of coming back a second time, you start living this one and only life to the fullest.” Source: Karminder Singh Dhillon (Sikhi Concepts – Part 5/12 – Reincarnation)
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More than 100 billion people have lived and died before us. Not a single one of them have come back and filed a report on the reincarnation cycle, says a Sikh thinker.

“Yet reincarnation is presented as a religious fact and religious truth. It is presented as a reality of life, believed by millions and accepted by millions more,” argues Karminder Singh Dhillon in the latest (5/12) series of his video discussion entitled Sikhi Concepts. Click here.

In this segment, he explains how pre-existing spiritual concepts are re-defined within Gurbani. He explores the REDEFINING of the concept of REINCARNATION or aavaa gaaun in Gurbani.

“A vast majority of Sikh mistakenly think, and accept, that reincarnation and aavaa gaavaa is the narrative of Gurbani. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

“The first thing Gurbani does is to debunk the notion that reincarnation of the soul is the outcome of the judgment of deeds of the soul after death,” he says.

He then refers to some verses (shabads) from a Guru Granth Sahib to discuss the Sikh narrative of reincarnation.

This is one of the shabads discussed:

jab kach na sio, tab kya karta, kavn karam kar aiya. apna kheyl aap kar deykhay, thakur rachan rachaiya – SGGS, 748

Dr Karminder believes that the shabad shreds the concocted theory of reincarnation and throws it out of the spiritual window.

“Logic has a force of its own. This is very powerful logic presented by Guru Arjan Ji,” he says.

“If a Sikh thinks for himself or herself, this one verse alone is enough to debunk the whole concocted theory of judgment, 8.8 million, aavaa gaavan and reincarnation. That is how powerful Gurbani is. One verse is enough to debunk an entire theory.”

He then refers to a number of other quotations from SGGS before moving forward to discuss the objective of the ‘aavaa gaaun’ as understood in Gurbani.

Karminder, a retired Malaysian civil servant and a regular speaker on the Sikh faith, is author of five recently released books on Sikhi, including The Hijacking of Sikhi.

Source: Karminder Singh Dhillon (Sikhi Concepts – Part 5/12 – Reincarnation)



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  1. Dear Kulwant Singh.

    I don’t see the need for the ‘low standard logic’ taunt. Nothing to stop you from sharing the full shabad here. Do provide your understanding as well. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Asia Samachar Team

    Why not include the whole shabad so we can exactly what the gist of Dr Karminder PHDs claim?

    Were you afraid it would expose Dr Karminder PHDs low standard logic?


  3. Hello to the writer .. go sit and understand wat my my living Guru Granth Sahib Maharaaj says … Tou need to read over n over n over again before you come out n say things .
    Don’t just bark n bark