MGC: Gurdwaras should reach out to the poor and needy Sikhs


To All Gurdwaras Presidents and Parbandhak Committees.

HELP to the needy during PKP Total Lockdown 3.0.

The PKP Total Lockdown 3.0 has now been extended by the Government to 28/6/2021. It has been in force since 1/6/2021.

2. This Total Lockdown has resulted in businesses closing, employees losing jobs or not allowed to work ,Universities and schools closing etc. This Executive action has resulted in economy shrinking ,businesses closing and hundreds of thousands losing their sources of income. Many people are facing hardship and pain. Many are also going hungry and some are really in desperate condition.

3. In view of the above the MGC appeals to all Gurdwara Parbandhak Committees to help the needy and the poor by providing them with dry rations and financial aid where possible. The Gurdwaras should reach out to the poor and needy Sikhs in their areas and provide them the necessary assistance. This is the time to use the Gurdwaras Golokh to assist the needy.

4. The promised RM 15,000/- aid to each Gurdwara will be given out as soon as the circumstances permit and the Full Lockdown is lifted. Dhanwad Ji.

From: Jagir Singh, MGC (13/6/2021)

(This is a note from Malaysian Gurdwaras Council president Jagir Singh. It was confirmed by the sender)



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  1. Gursharan if you wish to be a Bhai Kanhaiya please go ahead and use your own funds and savings.Sell your properties and give it all to the needy.No problems,good for you.
    MGC and Sikh Gurudwaras should first and foremost focus on Sikh families as their budgets are tight with little support from the government and private sector.
    Other communities have so much more resources than us yet we never seem to be the recipient of their largesse.Let them take care of themselves,they are more equipped than us.By giving to others when our own dont have enough is unwise.It’s like the servant so desperately wishes to please its master.
    Let us use the little we have to take care of our own.There are many Sikh families that are going through a tough time,very tough time actually but are too ashamed to reach out for help.MGC and Sikh Gurudwaras should approach all Sikhs in their area and check in on them.Have a list of phone numbers and addresses of all Sikhs in their area.Please also do check in on Sikh students on KL/Selangor area or other learning areas who might be stuck and need financial assistance at this time.
    This pandemic has shown us that instead of spending money on renovation and building empty Gurudwaras,the money could be invested wisely in a fund to be used to help Sikhs at critical times like this.Food for thought for MGC and the Malaysian Sikh Leadership,if there is one.
    P/S: If RM 15,000 is going to be given to Gurudwaras, there better be a way to ascertain how the money is spent and to who it is given.Please make sure the money doesn’t end up with only the friends and families of the President/Committee!

  2. MGC has advised Gurdwaras NOW that they should reach out to the poor and needy Sikhs has been ongoing by some including some NGOs since the beginning of Covid19 SOPs and not limited to only Sikh families but to others in line with what was done by Bhai Kanahyia with the blessings of the Guru Gobind Singh Ji.


    The statement that ‘the promised RM 15,000/- aid to each Gurdwara will be given out as soon as the circumstances permit and the Full Lockdown is lifted’ is not understood especically the statement ‘as soon as circumstances permit’ and full lockdown is lifted’. What are the ‘circumstances’ being referred to and why when ‘full lockdown lifted’ as the NEED IS NOW.

    Bless all

    as the NEED IS NOW